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  1. New Crafting System - Poll

    sooo what's the exact date of patch? or it is still in progress. nothing to do atm, no friend to play with ,guild is empty ,not even bother to play right now. waiting for this patch ;D
  2. Hello& introduction

    Hello everyone from MY i'm a newbie in this server currently playing alone ;( if there are any guild recruiting please add me :) playing alone is boring and i keep messing things up ,because there's a lot of changes from the old post in forum, for example :a training area ,price and class. in other word....i need friend ;(
  3. what i feel when this happening again

    it's happening againnnnn and at 80% with my last dd and i feel..
  4. to pro player

    to all pro player, i know that i'm still weak, slower in term of speed to gather a mob but that doesn't mean you can just login and killing everything on your sight ,circling around the area until to the point that i can't even lure them. there's no such thing as spot claiming in this server and i know about it, but it's rude to just appear and killing for the last 30 mint while ignoring me. you didn't even say sorry but instead adding more people on your party while i also got mine. if i can post my screenshot (no idea if i can post it here) i will but i won't because that would degrade your guild reputation mrs-xxx. don't bully us newbie - no harm done just please don't bully us
  5. Stuck at dd

    ohh thank you very much sir! now i can continue playing! the question has been answered-
  6. Stuck at dd

    my character is stuck at dd -damp cavern- i already tried unstick character but it didn't work- it's already been 3 hours since it's happen, please help me.
  7. axe and sword

    can we still use this guide? because 2 handed axe can't use swordstorm anymore and any kind of ''sword'' only skill. i need to make 1 handed magnus ''sword'' to tank and survive longer, for the future nera and grave which i saw at forum need at least 4k pdef?.
  8. 2h uses 1h skills

    hmm i never use that skill before but from what i can see it can only be used by 1 hand sword user
  9. what i feel when this happening again

    i'll die if i didn't bring one i'm weak against magic attack.
  10. [Video] Antoni77 playing TM Bow

    thank you for your reply! i already got trans set , it got extra 9+ eva very good, with 5+ eva on every equip now i'm with 275 eva as blade taker as arc ranger maybe lower since thief>treasure>blade taker give more eva for each lvl. yet dying thanx to dot, and my pet automatically re-seal itself
  11. axe and sword

    Jonah : :( yeah i made mistakes before putting swordstorm when using axe. Antoni77: it's a harsh road i'm making blade taker to farm atm, someday i might become magnus
  12. critical for arc ranger

    ohh thank you very much ,but then i realize that blade taker did a better job at farming then i decided to make one. i know entrapper is better but i need those dual wielding feeling later when 117+ i'm not yet for pvp too weak.
  13. critical for arc ranger

    is this correct? because i use calculator on this using text document. ARC RANGER CRITICAL BASED ON BUILD. only critical- 10 dex = 15 critical . 1,2,1,2,1,2 (based on forum info) at level 105 full dex without base critical rate. 15*10 =150+9 =159 no dagger crit. cause this is for bow user. R>Scout>Treasure>arc ranger. blindside lvl 6 120 death sign lvl 8 18% detect hole lvl 6 130 whispering wind lvl 4 102 fatal touch lvl 8 21% zephyr 80 dex = 15*8 = 120 159+120+130+102+120 = 631 critical rate 39% crit damage. advantage = more loot similarity = both elves R>Archer>Rune>arc ranger. blindside lvl 5 105 death sign lvl 8 18% detect hole lvl 4 100 whispering wind lvl 6 145 fatal touch lvl 8 21% whispering fire lvl 6 13% (bonus for being rune walker) zephyr 80 =120 crit 159+105+100+145+120 = 629 critical rate 52% crit damage. advantage = more firepower.
  14. when a girl ask about her dress whether it's pretty or not and you said yes, then she said ''how about the one from yesterday?''

    >>also pretty (she hates you)
         this one is better (she loves the dress now hate you)

  15. Radar or Announcement

    ouuu i thought that red aura was his buff he's fast tho ,wearing black cape and easily catch up to me in a sec. yes that would be great! a channel where a player can leveling and farming safely!
  16. Radar or Announcement

    is there a way to make sure we can detect any pkiller nearby like making the small map turn red or blinking when they are nearby? because just yesterday i was lvling at fairy valley, and i saw someone nearby killing mob so i went to another direction, then it happen. he followed me i thought he want to party then he stab me (dagger) i'm using mage at that time a warlock. it would be great if there's an announcement made when the player can report the event when being killed by other player. ofc there's thing called de-leveling but if the player didn't report the incident they won't be announced. so a pk radar or player report which can announce the world about the pker.
  17. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    i've tested it, kinda hard a bit for 1 handed sword user because of damage but the result is satisfying . sky slash>meteor(pet)>holy avenger (1 sp only for finisher) and repeat until they died. oowh i keep spamming attract on every mob thank you for the guide!
  18. dual wield fishing

    are you sure it's a fishing rod? wink* then why don't you try it and let us know, if you can that might give us a whole new meaning in fishing. report that guy for being naked as an act of indecent exposure .lol.-joke-
  19. Level 66 - 75 Guide

    i handed sword user can also do this? or need higher damage.
  20. enchanting fishing rod

    as far as my knowledge goes, enchanting a weapon will provide a status addition whether pa,ma,cri, etc. never heard about adding % to catching a carp by enhancement. the bonus can be found on every set of armor like = magic critical , magic starting speed,bonus skill +1 etc category. i think it the same as the rod.
  21. dual wield fishing

    i don't think so.... imagine if you're holding 2 fishing rod how are you suppose to reel in your fish? if you can..then gg
  22. Hello& introduction

    oh thank you very much, the training guide:- 1. ^ not really but i'm trying to find lvl 90+ monster at ghost tree swamp but can't find it, then i go to the lair of kiera and i saw centaur there lvl 92? 2. ^only about the 2 handed axe drop -named cruel butcher it actually a mace lol. and lastly about the fixed swordstorm -which can only be used by sword- there's a guide becoming destroyer where he put sp into swordstorm before it was fixed and yeah i make a mistake and maxing it without testing it 1st, (my own fault). i take my time reading guide so i won't bother anyone when playing and ask this and that, well i'm alone anyway ahahahaha.
  23. Re-skill and Re-stat

    hello i'm a new celestia player asking for help. after reaching lvl 105 we are not given free re-stat and re-skill? because when i read the old forum they said the price is about 250m+ at nera castle only but nowadays it's 1.5b+ so expensive. i noticed that voting is longer available because of an idiot abusing the system by opening several account each day long ago (referring to old forum) now i'm stuck at trying to kill at nera harbor with a mess on my skill distribution and i already did a survey to get a gem , so far i didn't even get a single gem out from it (survey completed). is there any way to get it? ;( it's so expensive for a starter ,i thought doing the sage quest would give me the thing but in the end i look on the forum = the cursed saber didn't exist in cl and the quest was left hanging with me losing hope.
  24. [Video] Antoni77 playing TM Bow

    waaa amazing :T question! 1.did you reskill after reaching 105? 2.what kind of armor did you wear during lvl80+? with eva also? 3.did you put sp on light armor or only at evasion skill? please reply :(