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  1. Antoni77

    Mace 1h lvl105 ?

    ouch, is not Magicat Type/ INT... xD thanks for the Info, Orange :)
  2. Antoni77

    Mace 1h lvl105 ?

    hello... can someone help me :D what is the name of Mace 1h lvl105 from Private Donation? also, what is the effect/status gain from that Mace 1h lvl105? :D
  3. -Mana Vampirism works properly, it has same effect like Necromancer's "Soul Squeeze" and TM's "Deadly Soul" but Mana Vampirism has no damages... you can use this skill to opponent, and then kill that opponent, and you will regain some MP (you will get like "Healing" Light effect on you but no "green numbers", that's Mana Recovery actually... you can check it on my Youtube Video "Antoni77 playing Magnus", on that video I'm using Mana Vampirism on Bosses. (turn on the CC, to see the text) https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/32058-video-antoni77-playing-magnus/ -Corpse Explosion is works... I am already discuss this, and yes there is little bug on it, that you must not use Corpse Explosion and Corpse Taker together on the same mobs https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/32135-about-corpse-take-and-corpse-explosion/ -Fire Trap and Ice Trap... hmm I am already report it on Bug Section https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/33162-entrappers-traps-skills/ -Deadly Soul effect is work, is same like "Mana Vampirism" or "Soul Squeze" you need to attack first with this skill and then kill other skill (or with just normal attack)
  4. ouwh Luna Reb... okay I see... :D
  5. I remember that's from "Arch Celebrant" the Final Job of ELF Mage only, but maybe I am wrong? xD
  6. this is so complicated... actually Luna Online has some mistakes when they are making Mage Job Tree Path "Rune Master" is supposedly the name for lvl75 ELF Only Mage, and "Grand Master" is supposedly the name for lvl105 ELF only Mage while the "Elemental Master" is supposedly the name of Upgraded Job of Warlock (the Next Job Path of Warlock) on lvl105 by doing that change names, we will not make all Newbies mistaken again of the Job Names. and as the term of the name, Rune Master is a Teacher of Rune, they do Supports also Grand Master can be means like "Great Teacher" or even a "Sage"? they do supports and also can do "Magic Counter" or "Magic-Seal", that's why they have skill "Silence Rune" back to topic I do agree for Rune Master supposedly has more Skills, rather than just supports and Silence on Luna Plus, Rune Master has "Heart Breaking", a skill that same effect like "Curse Weakness" but more powerful hmm hmm... "Reduco" ? why not "Reducto" ? hahahahaha (that's nice name you have there) xD ah yeah there is also skill named "Wind Lullaby", a Wind Area attack that has chance to make opponent Sleeps
  7. good Panzer is from Human Fighter> Warrior> Swordsman> Gladiator> Panzer if you choose from Rune Knight> Panzer, it will become Hybrid Attack Speed typical instead... :')
  8. oh yeah, I never do math of Level skills damages... stupid me... >w< my very deep apologize Oranges... >w< (anyway, Fighter also have Shield Attack Skills) :) -Blunt Shield (from Guard) -Shield Edge (from Infrantryman) -Doom Burst (AoE, from Knight) -Shield Charge (AoE, from Phalanx) -Shield Punch (AoE, from Magnus) with One-Handed Weapons + Shield, we have good enough AoE skills too... 'w' / (wait a minutes, why I am discussing about Shield Attack Skills on Destroyer's Topic?)... *flee again ( ( ( ( ( ( (")>
  9. yes, and is not just "Fire Arrow", sometimes "Rapid Arrow" and also "Piercing Arrow" too actually the damage is not touch the monsters because they are moving... Tips: you need to stay and let them attacking you, as long as they are not moving, the Fire Arrow will damages them note: this is not Bug, is just misslocation of the monsters, because they have high speed movements for monsters level 81 higher, they have speed movements that make them seems like over there but actually they are not there anymore so yeah, if we want to use "Fire Arrow", we need to make the monsters stays... dont use it if they are moving (I hope I can explain it with Indonesian Languages, is too hard to explain it with English) xD
  10. this is an Old Guide, on the old days, the Swords Storm is for Swords only by any means is doesn't matter One-Handed Weapon or Two-Handed Weapon, as long as the weapon is Sword, we can used it. but yes after big updates 2018, swords storm is changed to One-Handed Weapons only (you hate it? yes we hate it too... please bring back Swords Storm to Swords only!!!)... *flee-time ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (")>
  11. oh yeah, I dont read it well... hmm, if that happens, it will make Soul Arbiter/ Inquirer/ Monk Skills become Two-Handed Staff? 'w'a
  12. sorry for Interrupt, I just want to explain... Wand and Staff are the same type weapon. we use the word of "Wand" is just for describe it as "One-Handed Staff" among Players, by any means, actually there is no weapon "Wand" or skills with weapon requirement "Wand" so yeah there is no need to give a Correction between Staff and Wand, since both of them are the same type-weapon (Staff) I hope everyone not mistaken again...
  13. we have a lots of Guide for Magnus with Two-Handed Swords (but now they are Old Guides)... :') https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/4853-2hand-magnus-guide/ https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/17081-magnus-job-guide-~/ https://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/16178-fighter-magnus-phalanx-or-knight-decide-here-and-now/
  14. -level 50 beli Light Armor Sets lvl50, Perisai lvl50, dan Pisau lvl50 di NPC yang di "Zakandia" -lawan Boss Basilisk lvl49 ada di "The Way to the Howling Ravine", boss Basilisknya warna hitam, dari dia drop Pisau langka lvl49 -ke "Howling Ravine" kill Wild Harpy lvl53, dari mereka drop Angel Feather, dapetin 3 aja untuk Craft "Angel Wings" -leveling di "Mont Blanc" dari 50 sampai 56, lawan Skeleton lvl51 dan Skeleton lvl56, dari mereka Drop "Brutal Killer Sets" -leveling ke "Howling Ravine" lawan Giants yang Merah lvl56 disitu, drop sisa dari "Brutal Killer Sets" -lvl60 kalo sudah lengkap "Brutal Killer" Sets-nya, pergi ke "Mont Blanc" lagi lawan Boss Skeleton lvl58, drop Perisai langka lvl60 -level 65 masuk ke "Howling Cave" cari Ogre Butcher lvl70, cari Sets-nya "Blood Stained" lvl70 ke "Howling Cave 2F" cari Troll Guard lvl74, cari sisa sets-nya "Blood Stained" dan Dagger-nya "Reaper" lvl75 balik dulu ke "Alker Harbor" untuk berubah Job lvl75, kalo kamu Human berubah jadi Assassin aja ke Tierre, kalo ternyata kamu ELF berubah jadi Treasure Hunter aja ke NPC Guild Manager, ambil-ambil skill-skill barunya... terus balik lagi ke "Howling Cave 2F", lawan Ogre Guard lvl76, dapet drop sisa Sets "Blood Stained"... kalo udah lengkap semua Sets "Blood Stained" beserta Dagger "Reaper" ini cukup kuat sampai nanti lvl80an... Brutal Killer Sets, Pisau Langka lvl49, Perisai Langka lvl60, dan Blood Stained Sets semua ini nanti simpan aja di Gudang nanti kalo kamu bikin Rogue Dagger lagi ya udah enak karena sudah Equipmentsnya...
  15. we don't have it... you can suggest it on suggestion section :)
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