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  1. it's just depends on Luck, each time I am restart playing from level 1 character, and hunting ogre butcher sometimes I get Bloodstained easily, sometime is hard to get... xD
  2. yes... it's seems if we accept quests from the NPC Harpy (on the north side map) it will make the game Crash each time we accept the quest from her or each time we finishing the quests or also when report the quest to her... hmm
  3. video baru di channel ku, selamat menonton... 'w' /
  4. Here is some gameplay Crusader from Celestia Luna Online Holy Knight but can use Holy Magic too... enjoy the video :)
  5. I am Boring, and when I am boring... I want to do some chats and doing free booster... xD
  6. screenshot the Patcher or Launcher that was you used?
  7. by using Axe he will also can't use Sonic Boom and Double Sonic Blast too... xD
  8. can you explain about what we will get on the Ghost Tree Swamps too? thank you, I love the guide :)
  9. also Fairy Queen is spawn very rarely each channel on Map Fairy Valley... xD maybe... hmm around 3 hours per each spawn rate? well, I am not sure though... >w<
  10. Hei Antoni. Can i ask you?

    1. Antoni77


      oh sorry I just read this... what do you want to ask?

  11. itu disebut VOTE, skarang sudah tidak ada lagi xD
  12. serpents is magical attacks, so evasions characters will get difficult against them... xD
  13. I am already clear that Quest War Trophies, but still I can't accept that Quest from LouisLua... T.T my Quest Notes are not full too, all of them already clear so my Quest Note is 1/20... xD
  14. it's this bug or not? I can't accept the Quest, there is no "Next" button or button to "Accept the Quest"? is there a "way" or maybe the quest need some "condition" to Accept it? what should I do?... what I need to do to accept the quest?... please help... xD Quest: "Investigation of Composite Water"
  15. pilih klik yang Indomaret aja
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