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  1. okay, thank you so much... 'w' b
  2. Healing Skills is also based on your INT/ Magical Attack too I remember on Paladin there is Skill named "Chain Shackle" or something like that (I forgot) is One-Handed Weapon only and if I remember it correctly, it's Magical Attack too... (but now I am not sure too, because I am already too old to remember some of unmentionable Skills, really sorry) xD
  3. physical defend is balanced because long time ago, we can tank even a 15 level higher monster than us and still get 1 damages (not bosses), I remember that time I still Paladin level 106, using +13 Kynee, and +12 full Set Holy Iron Chain, +7 Aias Shield, Chival, 2 Hator ViT, 2 Earing VIT, getting around 7k - 8k Physical Def, and I can tanking Ghost Knight and Esquire on Graveyard... lvl 106 can tanking lvl 120 monsters, really bro? xD hmm and yes about evasion limitation, how about we make 6 mobs only at max, if more than that, we will took the damages from the 7th enemy or more enemies? (just want to share what on my mind only) >w<
  4. I am also found some skills from Rogue too that has problem like illusion attack, is seems they have low damages too maybe their damage is static too? skills: -Perforate (Ruffian) -Final Blow (Assassin) -Deadly Soul (TM) and I remember, long time ago skill Back Break (BT) and Iron Night (Panzer) also has Low Damage... but fortunately now they are already fixed :D
  5. so... because of that the damage is so low...? :')
  6. Paladin has that Shield Charge :) (if I were you, I will go full DEX, because you might be Lack of Accuracy if you go full STR) Crusader has Magical Skills and Support Skills so is not suitable with your path... xD
  7. Dagger Grim Reaper + Blood Stained Armor Sets ini untuk level 65 kuat sampai lvl 83 di level 83, kamu craft dagger sendiri (atau beli Dagger TTD tapi mahal), dan Armor-nya pake Transcendent Light Armor Sets ini kuat sampai ke level 105
  8. Antoni77

    Top up gems

    kamu beli-nya yang via "Minimart Indonesia" aja, tapi bayarnya harus ke Alfamart (Indomart ga ada soalnya) di webnya itu kamu cari Purchase Gems-nya via "Minimart Indonesia" , kamu isi beli berapa gems, klik tombol Get Payment Code-nya, catat Codenya itu kamu bawa code itu ke Alfamart bilang bayar Doku, dan kasih kodenya ke dia :)
  9. you only mention TH> BT path... Dagger Blow? (originally BT doesn't have that) and what would be happened if there is newbe choose Pure Straight Path Assassin> BT? then they get news BT has been nerfed... awww man... xD I think now is more important to fix remaining Bug Skills rather than to balancing character Job (just my opinion) ;)
  10. ELF Fighter> Guard> Swordsman> Knight> Paladin you will get all of those Shield Attacking Skills Blunt Shield, Shield Edge, Doom Burst, Shield Charge you can also make Magnus ELF Fighter> Warrior> Swordsman> Knight> Magnus on the Magnus you will get skill "Shield Punch" an AoE Shield Attacking Skill
  11. halo semuanya... video terbaru dari saya... 'w' / check it out... Special Edition Valentine 2020...
  12. Hello guys, it's me Antoni77... and this my new Video Celestia Luna plays Special Edition for Valentine 2020... special thanks for Ivy2002 for the Support Buffs... :) check it out... (if my celestia luna videos later are blocked due copyright, please let me know, by contact me on my facebook Antonius Michael Agus/ djohno...)
  13. maybe it's because you are trying to click items on your inventory (weapons) and then by accidentally you press Skills Buttons? if it's yes? well, don't do that action again next time... I cannot explain it well on english, but I try my best weapons/ items on inventory can be also placed to shortcut button... so because of this, when you clicking items on your inventory and accidentally pressing shortcut button (1 to 0) the system will thinking you are using items, and by that action the system will do as it's command it (if it's weapon/armor that can double click to equip/ change equip immediately, it will do the equip/change the equips) sorry for my bad english... I hope someone can explain it better than me... >w< (if you understand Indonesian, I can explain it very well) xD
  14. you can buy it on NPC Item Shop Alice, Phillo Stones is on Tab 2... :)
  15. if I remember it correctly, shield training now already fixed and changed that not increase shield block rate anymore but it's increase shield defense power... xD
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