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  1. When I am going to Ghost Tree Swamp, I found a lot of monsters with Level 80 and 82, but no Monster Level 81 ??? maybe we can replace Ghoul Level 82 with Old Monster: Dark Gnoll Level 81, because Dark Gnoll have Drops Light Armor Body and Boots Level 80 or... can someone please tell me what monsters on Ghost Tree Swamp now that has Drops Light Armor Body and Boots Level 80 ?
  2. ELF Female Paladin Skill: Rage Sword (not sure why the name is Rage Sword but is One-Handed Skill and not Sword Skill, maybe it can rename it to Rage Swing?) xD the voice is ELF Male
  3. what people said about "fighting opponent" is not always about PVP, because opponents can be means Monsters too and yes, as far as I know, you don't need Evasion as Fighter, Fighter relying on their Physical Defends, they are fighting on the first line in other hand, Rogue need Evasion to survive, because they have lower HP than Fighter, also their main Status is DEX, their Buff Zephyr is DEX and they have Passive to increase Evasion, while Fighter doesn't have the Passive that can increasing Evasions... so yes, Fighter don't need Evasion
  4. hmm... it's kinda hard to explain what is good Status for Fighter Class you can go full DEX on your Character Status ("C" Button), to get good Accuracy and Critical Rates but if you did this, make sure your Equipment is also have good STR, some Accuracy and Critical Rates, also few VIT (^this is good if your Character is Human Fighter, because Human Fighter has Basic DEX 50, that's too small) but if your Character is ELF that has no high Level Fighter Heart (Buff STR) but you want to do Hitter or Semi-Hitter/Tanker you can go Full STR instead on your character Status ("C" Button), because ELF Basic STR is only 65 (compared to Human is 80) and without High Level Fighter Heart you will only get small amount STR... xD except your ELF Fighter is going to Swordsmaster too, you can increase STR to 80, the rest point going to DEX instead because Swordsmaster has Buff Fighter Heart Level 6 and Warrior Form Level 6 too that's good amount for increase your Physical Attack. but in the end is all depends on opponent you fighting? if your opponent is a normal opponent, Full DEX is always better to fighting them, because yeah... I more prefer Criticals but if your opponent is full VIT type, that's has high HP, I prefer full STR to fighting them, because is useless if we have good Critical but small damages... xD (sorry I can't explain it well on English, I hope someone can explain better than me) / . \
  5. main game online yang lain bisa ga? atau juga ga bisa?
  6. When I am playing Blade Taker, I have seen my Predator is full Colored... but I can't used it, until I realize it and move my mouse to Predator, it's still on Cooldown 30 Seconds... xD So I hope we can get Features for Shortcut Button has Numbers on it (1-0), like a small numbers on their Left-Upperside per each buttons. and also Cooldown Numbers for using Skills and Items too, like "Minutes,Seconds", and then if it's 0 Seconds it's become "0.9" to "0.1"
  7. I want to report this Bug since first time I am playing Celestia Luna on January 2011 but I was too lazy... hahahaha I know this is just minor bug and maybe is not that important, but it feels like "OMG no one ever asking or Discuss about this?" >w< So I will just Report it here... because this minor bug might become more Bad if it's Continue on next Big Patch Did you ever realize there is some of Character Voice from Skills are wrong for Male / Female? so I will just give some Example of the Skills: >ELF Fighter: Solid Weapon, Doom Burst, Shield Charge Earth Wave... (ELF Male voice is ELF Female's Voice, I don't test it yet on ELF Female it is sounds become ELF Male too or not?) xD >Human Cardinal: Shield of Justice... (Human Female sounds is Human Male's Voice, I don't test yet from Human Male, ELF Male and ELF Female is sounds normal) I don't know if there is another Skills with same problem character voice... so if you also found some of Skills of the Character that has Voice wrong for Male/Female... please share it on this Post too
  8. enjoying the game to the fullest is the most important thing... so yes, enjoy it... well... did you already testing all character Job-Class and their Skills too??? try to have some fun too with them...
  9. for Crafting Higher Level Light Armor Sets... because alots of Rogues will need it
  10. for Magic Powder, you can play New Character until Level 60, go to Dried Gazzel Fall, kill Shadow and Black Shadow, you will get alots of Odd-Powder, get it as much as you want... and then Craft it to Magic Powder I hope this Method can help you Crafting Magic Powder more Efficient than just Destroying to get a few Magic Powder...
  11. oh? so your Questions is about "what skills on that Job Class and only that Class have it but no other Job Class have it?" that's what you want to said as "unique?" for Example like on Level 75 Job Path of Fighter, only Rune Knight have Rune Impact and Rune Cry, also 3 Buff Aura... << you mean something like this? (sorry I'm trying to figure it out what is exactly you asking by saying "unique on that Job Class") if it's yes that is your question, I will try to make the "List" for you
  12. from phalanx you can also get some Shield Attack Skills too, like Blunt Shield, Shield Edge, and AoE Shield Charge...
  13. oh wow... I am starting this game since January 2011, that time there is alot of bugs... Dupe Items, lol lol lol and I remember on March 2011, all player Indonesian getting IP Blocking because they are using cheat-program... 😂 well yeah surely we have so much memories playing this game, and from that 2011 even until now... I still playing Celestia Luna on this potato PC with Windows XP... yeah I love you Celestia Luna 🥰 and the next patch... Celestia Luna will update Final Job Class? (I'm just hearing some rumor) you are really nice SilverDeer, thanks for helping this game and supporting this game for 10years...
  14. it's just depends on Luck, each time I am restart playing from level 1 character, and hunting ogre butcher sometimes I get Bloodstained easily, sometime is hard to get... xD
  15. yes... it's seems if we accept quests from the NPC Harpy (on the north side map) it will make the game Crash each time we accept the quest from her or each time we finishing the quests or also when report the quest to her... hmm 🧐
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