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add more boss

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add more boss like arachblack(black widow leader),bone cavelier,fairy queen,wild mantis and others


that boss drop cool item,


egend: Horde's Stroke Tarintus_Necklace.gif Necklace Level limit: 75 Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 137 Dexterity +15

Physical Hit Rate +4%

Evasion Chance +5%

Critical Rate +74

Critical Damage +3% Reinforcement Available Legend: Sun Energy Frunting.jpg Bow Level limit: 84 Physical Attack Power 221 Magical Attack Power 82 Dexterity +10

Intelligence +15

Wisdom +5

Critical Rate +39

Fire Arrow Skill Level +1 Reinforcement available Wind Band Tarintus_Belt_Armor.png Belt Level limit: 78 Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 0 Dexterity +10

Evasion +10%

Movement Speed +30

BONE cavelier Blood Stark Ancient_Magical_Power_Earring.PNG Earring Level limit: 74 Physical Defense 0 Magical Defense 22 Intelligence +3 [2] Set Effect: Physical Attack Power +5%

Magical Attack Power +5%

MP Recovery +5

and other

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