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  1. Selling: • BWS pdef • Hathor VIT 29.1 & 31.5 • L.cape 18.7 vit • +13 V.set 55 vit [total] • V.neck 28.4 vit • VDS 49 MS • Hathor strike 23.3 eva 5.5 Buying: • Gray scarf • HB Neck str agi 38+ • Kisper str agi 38+ Whisper or note: crOnElEss / Kuye
  2. Still the best union in CL ever
  3. This game is still active and has changed alot
  4. In a beautiful place to clear up my mind :34:

  5. PETMALU!!! Present: Croneless
  6. I'm glad to say that you're very hardworking and full of determination. I could spare you some EXP scrolls to help you level
  7. Oh yeah sorry this is a event. And yes, Orange has a point Like you have to make your own style/outfit using the costumes that can be found in Gem Store. Any theme would do Yes, this is an event.
  8. Hi guys! Since there are a lot of cool, cute and awesome costumes featured in game already, I would like to ask some suggestions about your "style" in a way of "EVENT." You can have a theme of demonic, angelic, cute or what so ever. Comment down your suggestions if possible, post pictures too (which I would really appreciate). I'm going to give prize to the costume suggestion that I might like! (Top 3) Goodluck!
  9. Maybe because of your connection perhaps?
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