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  1. I cannot start the launcher after 3 months not logging in. It always says "the application has frozen". I already reinstalled the game but I still cannot open the launcher. Need help please. Thanks.
  2. Hi. I'm a returning player. Does dd only reset now at 12 am server time? I remember it resets also at 3 am. Thanks
  3. Incursio

    Price Check

    Okay thanks. Coz someone whisp me 100b and other 85b. I just want to make sure.
  4. Incursio

    Price Check

    Price check for vip boots and vip gloves. Thanks
  5. Incursio

    Vip Eyepatch

    Is there a permanent vip eye patch or it is only for 30days?
  6. Incursio

    Price Check

    How much is Chival pa 19+ and +13 lvl 115 one hand ax with good philo? Thanks.
  7. Incursio

    Price Check

    How much for a Clean BOS?
  8. For elf paladin, which is better Infantryman or Swrodsman? Thanks.
  9. I dont think it will effect the game economy because edited items cannot be sold/traded to other players. Haha but it will be a problem if everybody has an edited item. The game will be boring.
  10. can i see your items you used in this build.
  11. Incursio

    Pokemon X and Y

    lol next release of Pokemon will be titled Pokemon Z
  12. Incursio


    Is it PD? I can't seem to find it in the item mall.
  13. Incursio

    About Rogues

    What is the ideal eva and strike do you need for GW?
  14. VN suggestions please. Preferably with other gameplay functions rather than clicking throughout the game.
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