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  1. Yo! :)

    1. Democritus


      Yo! Comeback player?

    2. thecait


      I registered my account in 2009 xD' so off and on

  2. There was Pocket Luna! But it has already shut down. I liked it, but didnt get to play it much :( (I know this is mega bump, but for anyone curious still)
  3. Oooh, that would explain it then! amazing youve kept it without a wipe since then!!
  4. I used to play in 2009, but my chars were deleted somehow. I came back in 2012, and only played a few levels.. But i have a new friend i'd love to show the amazing world of LUNA ONLINE! Are there any super talkative friendly guilds out there? :D
  5. Alrighty, i used to play, but i came back, and my character was wiped, and account deleted :/ Anyway, i cant remember exactly how to do things.. and i was wondering... Why cant i open a booth? I click the booth skill, i try buying or selling, and it wont let me.. Can someone refresh me? XD thanks!
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