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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if I see some people selling their houses for gold or in game items. XD
  2. Loooooooooool! I feel like someone would sell or trade their cars for in game gold sooner or later(I know you're not gonna do it Nongzter). XD Edit: I wonder how much will they sell their BMW or Mercedes-Benz for gold? XD
  3. Maybe this should be called RIT(Real Item Trading) or RPT(Real Part Trading). Would they really give up their vehicle/s for in-game items? That's really a next level.
  4. It's been an honor being part of this group picture. <3
  5. Chii (Elda)

    Necro Path

    But for priest-inqui, you get higher bless level vital and higher level armor link so you may get higher hp too and the armor link may compensate for the lower level shield buff.
  6. Yey! I get to meet Santa Clause again! :D Sorry buddy, the 2012 end of the world didn't happen. :p
  7. I think the item mall is in the Celestia Luna website. If that's what you're talking about, you should log in there and click the "Item Shop."
  8. After computing my flight time for many hours then ending up with wrong answers many times...
  9. Also, for some people, using Fraps while playing can make gameplay slower, depending on your pc, maybe internet and how many programs you're running.
  10. Waking up because it's either too hot or too cold.
  11. Time to hit the sky again.

  12. If you mean Casting Foil, I think it's perfectly legal as I don't believe it's bugged or anything wrong with it.
  13. <Chii> .whyban asch <shoutbot> User asch banned for reason 'Related to ID kepalakuda7 [seraphyre]' <Chii> .whyban kepalakuda7 <shoutbot> User kepalakuda7 banned for reason 'RMT [seraphyre]'
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