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  1. IGN : lKNPP participate for both date of event
  2. copy that mam <3 btw ill put the IGN here in this post right, to register?
  3. do we need to go leveling now to 50? or wait the time of the tournament to level up?
  4. i love this, i wish., earth wave is for axe and mace only then the "RAGE BURST" is for axe only. so it will be SB,spirit sword,spirit aid etc = sword only. = fast skills, got long range but low damage as axe and axe will be Range burst earth wave = higher damage, higher crit rate and crit damage, but short range and not that fast skills sorry for the english thats my suggestions
  5. HB gloves 18eva price ? and CB gloves+13 price?
  6. fafavin

    AHU AHU ! ! !

    july 18 2016 yan ! ngayon ? july 6 2018? buhay pa ba kayo ?
  7. fafavin

    about installing

    is macbook air cant install celestia luna? macbook air user can't play celestia luna ? advance thanks for the answer,
  8. Q> is there any skills that AXE only can use ?
  9. fafavin

    AHU AHU ! ! !

    MAIINGAY MAG INGAY ! :))) AHU AHU ! check lng kung marami paring pinoy na active
  10. can i join here? :) xImpakto this picture is long time ago :)
  11. Question : Earthquake skill of fighter is still bug if max level ?
  12. Happy New Year Celestia Luna, to all stuff and players, lets enjoy 2016 of playing fair in this game, thankyou.
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