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  1. i love this, i wish., earth wave is for axe and mace only then the "RAGE BURST" is for axe only. so it will be SB,spirit sword,spirit aid etc = sword only. = fast skills, got long range but low damage as axe and axe will be Range burst earth wave = higher damage, higher crit rate and crit damage, but short range and not that fast skills sorry for the english thats my suggestions
  2. HB gloves 18eva price ? and CB gloves+13 price?
  3. fafavin

    AHU AHU ! ! !

    july 18 2016 yan ! ngayon ? july 6 2018? buhay pa ba kayo ?
  4. is macbook air cant install celestia luna? macbook air user can't play celestia luna ? advance thanks for the answer,
  5. Q> is there any skills that AXE only can use ?
  6. MAIINGAY MAG INGAY ! :))) AHU AHU ! check lng kung marami paring pinoy na active
  7. can i join here? :) xImpakto this picture is long time ago :)
  8. Question : Earthquake skill of fighter is still bug if max level ?
  9. Happy New Year Celestia Luna, to all stuff and players, lets enjoy 2016 of playing fair in this game, thankyou.
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