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  1. Hiroky

    Mages' Skill Cast Time

    ohh, I know,, I know.. so, its not reduce the casting time directly, but affect our casting speed, then its reduce the casting time ?? got it ! :D thxx sirr !
  2. Hiroky

    Mages' Skill Cast Time

    so, the calculation is not [(spell cast time) - ((cast speed)*(spell cast time))] ??
  3. does Necro has faster cast speed than cardi ??
  4. Hiroky

    Mages' Skill Cast Time

    I wanna ask, I wanna ask.. U use the 100 just for example, or the normal cast speed is 100 ?? thx b4 :D
  5. sir, is Necromancer really useless for PvP ??
  6. so, this path is lack of deffence? allright then.. thx, sir!
  7. no one answer my quoestion, event the threat maker T__T huhuu..
  8. I wanna ask, sir.. if we didn't take monk or inquirer path, will our defend still good enough ?? thx b4 :D
  9. ohh, okay . thx for ur info.. eh, it's better magnus int or paladin int ? hhehe
  10. I heard that int skill is bugged here.. is it right ??
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