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  1. a cardinal itself doesnt have targetless aoe. mage's targetless aoes (and what class gets it and the skill lvl there) are: - Fireblast (Sorc/10, Warlock/15, Necromancer/25) - Holy Earthquake (Soul Arbiter/10) - Vital Explosion (Necromancer/10) so if you were a sorcerer or warlock, or you are a necro atm, you can get that Fireblast skill Speaking of fast cooldown as fast heal. No. It will have 6s cooldowns on lvl 16++ instead of 7.8s
  2. .......................................................................... spertinya mulai sepi ini ya?
  3. Fifin

    Sonic Boom

    since you're from Mars, ---kidding --- every player may have a bit delay to the server (I think it's called latency) since server is located somewhere in this Earth, and it will takes time for the server to respond your command. This delay may vary depends on players location, internet speed, and server traffic you can try to open 2 client at the same time, and do a skill on 1 client, then you can see a brief delay before your other client shows that you are actually casting the skill..
  4. is this applies to INT and magical attack too? because when I tried to compare 19.5 matk gemini and 25 INT one, the 19.5matk give more matk on a char with quiet number of INT, while the 25 INT one give more matk to char that have a low INT
  5. In my opinion, (correct me if I'm wrong) there is no fixed numbers for how much patk is 1 STR give. same thing goes with matk and INT there is something called patk modifier, such as skills(active or passive), weapons, costume effect, gear's set effect. this 19.5 pa you get from HC Ori add numbers to this modifier basically, (still in my opinion) more basic status you have --in this case STR--, the more patk this 19.5 number add to your character status try to use this 19.5 pa item to 2 different character with same 'modifier' (skills, weapons, costume effect, gear's set effect) but with different status, 1 character go for full STR build, and the other one go for full DEX build. You will see the different. This character with STR basic build will get more benefit from item with PATK status while the character with no STR base status build will get more benefit from STR items. again. same thing goes with matk and INT, and this is only in my opinion
  6. my suggestion if you would make this as your main character, you will need a secondary character that can help you level this RM.. or.. you have to be patient as a RM
  7. same suggestion here. Paladins are physical tanks, and the way you deal with them is with magic. Magic casting classes are become less favorite class because their lack abilities in PVP. Nerfed damage? ofc. they need to get like 20k+ of M.atk to get 10k+ critical damage on same level PVP using Cardinal's Turn Undead which is turns out to be the strongest spell in the game. while a 1 handed physical class can easily do 3k 3k sonic boom, and 2handed class can do twice of it. With amazingly fast casting animation, and attack speed, People play Cardinals as a tanking mage with DoT skill. That's why there's a lot of cardinals around. and also.. I'm waiting for the update that make DoT skill damage will be based on magical attack (I think I read it somewhere..)
  8. what do you mean don't stack? it doesn't increase your pdef at all? or it increase your pdef as much as using only 1 [p]shield skill? I tried using 6x [p]intelligence and it increase my int by 18 point (each [p]int increase 3 points of int)
  9. Hai ce Fifin... Kok lama gak pernah in di Celestia Luna??:D:D

  10. Fire

    Hello friend o/

    1. Fifin
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      you are not on irc? are you okay? I wanted to catch up with you. 

  11. itu kena ban, cuma sehari, jadi tunggu aja sampe waktunya habis... dan kamu bisa online lagi
  12. as for Phys I think it might be a good idead if AGI also affects Patk like WIS does to MATK maybe like 5 or 7 points of AGI/WIS will be equal to 1 point of STR/INT Patk/Matk bonus Why? Rogues have low patk, they rely on critical very much, take a look at dagger and 1h Sword patk, it's really different. So Rogues will still get some PATK with full AGI build (not comparable to full STR one) and maybe giving VIT a few Mdef (5 or 7 points of VIT will equal to 1 WIS Mdef) would be nice since tanks like Paladin will get benefit from raising VIT I know it will sounds a little bit complicated, but with it you will have "alternate" build. So you will need to put your status more carefully If we're trying to get MCrit rate from WIS we will need a quiet good number of it. Since some Physical Dex user can gets like 80-90% critical rate by enhancing their weapons and cloaks and also with accessories that increase PCrit rate.
  13. I think this is a good idea, it will be either str/agi/patk affect bleeding that rogue have, what about these type of dots? These DoTs are dealt by both matk and patk user... Burn: Fighters have a skill that burns, and also Mages, Poison: Rogues, Fighters, and Mages they have these skills.. *---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* I played mages for may years, and the only important status for INT type mage is INT and VIT. Wisdom is useless since you can get decent MP recovery by getting a high MATK with Bloodstream skill. Maybe you can make some changes like this INT: Magic attack, Magic Crit damage, Magic Defense (not as much as WIS does), Damage Source of Magic Skills (Grand Masters, Necromancers, Soul Arbiter) WIS: Magic attack (not as much as INT does), Magic Crit rate, Healing Amount, Magic Defense, Damage Source of Holy Skills (Cardinals, Rune Masters), Source of buff power? (not basic status buffs but more to other status. Making WIS as source of buff powers will make support classes arise!) Speaking of buffs, I think Orpheus' Poem might need also a little change from 10/20/35/45 INT into some % of your INT/WIS so either you build your Cardinal (or other mage class that goes from Bishop) into a support class you can also get benefit from this skill And as for Crusaders, IF WIS also increase Magic Attack (still not as much as INT does) maybe they should make WIS as their main Status since crusader is a hybrid support and damage class, and have their Holy Skills get damage from WIS just like Cardinals and Rune Master Holy skills NOTEs: Physical Crit rate can be boosted by reinforcement on weapon and also cloak philo, while M.Crit rate couldn't. Magical damage is totally nerfed in PVP at this moment Some physical weapon adds VIT (more HP) and none have HP penalty (but Muramasa, it's a low level tho), while high level wand give you a lot HP penalty High level Light and Heavy armor give VIT and also have more P.Def, while Robe gives you HP penalty and less P.Def Basic status buffs I meant is anything that affect STR,INT,VIT,AGI,WIS; 1. Fighter Heart; 2. Intelligence; 3. Zephyr; 4. Wisdom; 5. Orpheus' Poem Other buffs is something like Might, Shield, and more but those buffs mentioned above
  14. yes they do have it! you're just not lucky yet. on level 60-70 using Bloodstained set is a good choice, and maybe you should try to get Transcendent set and Take That Dude Dagger on level 80+ but if you cannot afford it, just handcrafted armor and dagger is fine.. for accessories, maybe you can try to take down Makas (Shadow Boss) in Dryed Gazed Fall for earrings Salam in there also for Necklace Dobeik in Dark Portal for Belt if you're lucky with ogres, maybe you will get some green named dagger from Ogre Warrior and you could try find some friends and take down Fairy Queen for a lvl 80+ Dagger too
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