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  1. xShinji

    help ??

    RTM is illegal on any online gaming
  2. Its happened to my warrior. Get dc each time i tried to kill. People said it because i try to spam my skill(in fact, i get dc without using skill), my net being slow (in fact i can play other game), and i can running around the city smoothly. I decided to to make new character and it just fine. But when using my 1st character, i getting dc again. So, my conclusion is that my character got some bugs. If you have same issues, try to make new character(s) on same id or diff id
  3. We was got another attack. Some players cant get in. Even they can, they will have massive lag.
  4. Or you can just re-make? I have lots characters lvl 105+ and i forgot my id after one year isnt playing, but i decide to remake since it not diff to lvl
  5. xShinji


    At least it isnt bluescreen. And yes, we was attacked again
  6. How about Renaming will available for donators? After donating few amounts, you can rename your character? I think it will solved RMT'ers or char trader? Its work fine on my old game i've been working for
  7. Yea i did. But i chg back to normal. I did and i know it'll works. I mean if there is another solution for this. Because im working at "Sensitive" environtment of malware Maybe its DDoS attack from newbie who mad because they got banned, we got it recently. Even i cant kill any monster. All monsters are having party because im always failed to kill them now
  8. I wonder what attacker will archieved by attacking our game <_<
  9. its default o.o But we dont know when we need to open other programs when playing >.> All my drivers are up to date. Beside there is no problem when im playing other game with higher specs
  10. I am using Win7 with DirectX 11. This always happen when i open other program that need Permission
  11. Hi!! I'm from old luna, quit after it become luna plus and coming here. playing 1 year at cl then quit for 1 year for study. now im back again xD
  12. xShinji

    Keep getting DCed

    Its been since saturday. My net just fine. I can play other online game and doing sky*e smoothly. Beside, if my net getting slow, i should be getting dced at nera town ch3 but im not.
  13. xShinji

    Keep getting DCed

    No, im infantryman (Human - knight)
  14. xShinji

    Keep getting DCed

    i did reinstall like 5 times or more. And just figured out something, i only getting dc on field(outside cities) when im at city, it just fine. but once im on field and try to hit mobs, i'll dced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack
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