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  1. their item's is back to normal my item's is not don't tell me there's is no solution to this bug? and if p.a 20 stats down to 15 we will ignore it? and say its ok
  2. its been a long time since the last time i open my acct so GM what will happen now my items still not back on it's original stats
  3. GM what will happened to my items?
  4. lol its crit rate and not 6% its 1.7% crit DMG and it's surely lessen my items price
  5. yesterday i just take off it from my main char. then put it on my new char. then i notice that my philo items was decrease till now 6:03am today its still decrease what should i do i lost crit dmg now
  6. before after can you please gm fix this
  7. this is my Magnus self buffs+zphy 3 items are not +12 it's zup to you what job you want just good luck
  8. can you post your char. here self buffs 25k+Ri lvl 105 9k p.a 105 job paladin if you cant post your char you don't have a prof "it's east to have 9k p.a at 105" ill wait for your post
  9. 370z

    1h Magnus Questions

    ex. how to counter RI 5 tiles + run = RI stuned miss without dmg 4 tiles + run = Ri stuned miss with dmg
  10. 370z

    1h Magnus Questions

    No Ri effect on what weapon you used #1 dagger #2 sword #3 axe #4 bow #5 mace #6 staff Dual and 2 handed sword same speed +job buffs Dual and 2 handed axe same speed +job buffs but sometimes its depend on connection
  11. 370z

    The Fact of Gap level

    yeah 10 levels i always duel 141-150 and my damage is 4-5k per SB but if come to same levels i done 7-9k per SB depend on target
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