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  1. oh I'm actually on a different LO PS server >> this forum is just more active
  2. I went Mage>Cleric>Sorcerer>Warlock>Soul Arbiter is this fine? or should I remake char? I do enjoy the extra dmg o-o
  3. and then you realize...people can't still what doesn't belong to you in the first place. it is for me because I'm always missing xD
  4. would it be fine to learn Rapid Arrow (lvl 20) and maybe learn the skill Slack (lvl1) or is that useless?
  5. I wasn't sure were to put this so I put it here. I need to be boosted by for levels. I'd level myself but all my char does is miss. xD put the price per level in the comments below...my chars name is Foras
  6. I was just able to log back in :D (I'm serious o.o)
  7. Is it ok if I get Ice Rain?
  8. um but only elves can use the salon coupon to get the pony tail, so my question is still unanswered >.>
  9. SO I have the Chibi Goth Bonnet for my elf o: and my Elf's hair is restyled to a ponytail :o I see people with the bonnet on and their ponytail still visible. but idk how to do that uwu Help me please?
  10. KuraiSoru

    EXP Event

    may my vote count twice? no? oki uwu
  11. KuraiSoru

    EXP Event

    YAS KWEEN +1 to this it's weird I was thinking about this before I logged off yesterday.
  12. I have but one question, why is Max Heavy-Weapon Accuracy only listed for the destroyer class change when it would actually help for PvE prior to said class change?
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