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  1. pa help naman idinownload ko ung celestia luna pero ndi sya nagpapatch bakit ganun help naman mga guys
  2. rhive0430

    help namn po!

    Nakakapag Donate pa po ba gamit ung mobile???
  3. im a returning player here!! :D

  4. good day sir im the old player of this game celestia luna ..and i was banned 4years ago...i do not know why they banned me..and my friend told me that all the banned from the past would be recovered..and long time past i do not know my username and password could you help me to bring back my acct..?? my character is MsMahinhin...can you send me on my email..heres my email [email protected] tnx and more power celesitans...
  5. hi musta na celestia luna returning player pala ako stop ako 4 years na dati kong ign MsMahinhin ndi ko na maalaala ung acct.ko and then back to zero ulit sana marami ulit akong makaclose na pinoy players dto ulit sa celes tnx sa mga pinoy players dto heheh
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