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  1. nilniel

    Price Check

    wanting to come back to CL for awhile now, dunno where to start .. it's been years any tips?
  2. has this been already implemented?
  3. i like your suggestion ,, but it would take a while to be implemented.. they need to rebalance the server first and make new events and features to attract newbies in game.. in terms of castle siege it should be seperated from normal players and edited players to be fair
  4. what are the requirements to join your guild ?? do we need to be imba???
  5. Balik loob na ba this? hahahaha
  6. LastFridayNight present!!
  7. maraming factors kasi sir .. minsan connection .. minsan congestion na mismo sa server LastFridayNight
  8. welcome back!! ... pasiglahin muli ang Pinoy Community sa CL!!
  9. Balik na mga Pinoy!! Let's do this !!! angkinin ang CL ulet haha
  10. Balik na guys!!! More Power to CL!
  11. Wala na shield boomerang ?? awtsu .. GG pala mga BT
  12. Wala na tao?? hahahaha... Present .. LoL
  13. Server Down ?? 8:15pm here ( Philippines) No channel listings ..
  14. Present ,, Looking For a Guild ...
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