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  1. but with this update, the gap between the non edit and the edited one is even bigger don't u think?
  2. Sorry if im being rude or anything, i just want to point out something Dex only increases a little amount of eva, a little amount of strike, so that leave only critical rate, so dex is useless now. If u want to make it balance, then remove eva philo and strike and critical rate as well, so that dex can be a little more useful. But that's not what im suggesting, dex increasing critical damage is not wrong, because some jobs will still need strength to increase their physical attack, so saying that a physical damage character wouldn't need strength is so wrong.. not all of the players have edited items, so some of them only got little critical rate, and strength/physical attack is needed for that purpose, that if the attack does not crit, then it still hit hard. If u want to make it balance, maybe u should increase a non critical attack, because sometimes the gap between non critical hit and critical hit is so big, but please don't make dex not increasing critical damage at all, because for physical damage character, both dex and strength is needed, but since dex (if i may say) only increasing critical rate, then a hitter would hit so much less than before and then a tanker and a mage will be so much harder to defeat. Then what's the use of being a hitter, only got a little hp, little hit, and since dex only increasing crit rate people would prefer str, and if people would prefer str then their crit rate will be small, and if crit rate is small, then a tanker's block will be so much harder to penetrate, and a balance tanker will easily kill a hitter and a hitter wouldn't do a thing to a balance tanker isnt this will make it unbalance again? then what's the point of balancing then >.< thanks before ^^
  3. does rage burst fixed too? or is it still works on swords only? and also spirit sword cant be use with axe too? thanks beforee
  4. 1. How long have you been playing? about a year ago i start playing this game again and im still playing.2. What is your highest level in Celestia Luna? 1463. If you've reach the top, how does if feels like? um well, i dont have edits so im not at the top, but i guess i can say that my philo equips are nice .... does that counts? bcs it feels kinda horrible, usually nobody wants to war below with u again, many said that im a liar and they said that im using edits (and this shit can make u lose a friend or two)4. Does gaming adds value to your life? What are those? well yea, this game is international so i can communicate with others outside of my country, well i can make many friends, i can practice my english, and makes me happy too haha5. What are the reasons you keep on playing? to communicate with others, to have fun6. If this is just for fun, does your real life don't have any fun in it that leads you to looking for fun in a digital world? well fun doesnt mean just one thing, i have many other things that i consider fun too in real life, but gaming counts too..7. Does gaming really makes sense? yea, why not?8. If you will be given a chance to Reset all the time that you've spent playing? Would you use it or not? Why? umm no, but maybe i would use it for fixing the mistake i made in this game haha9. What is your main purpose and goal in playing this game? to have fun!
  5. +1 to this guide! hahaha
  6. TheCanary

    skill bug

    when im learning skill then i got disconnected because of my bad connection, will it be bugged? like the damage wont get high, or the skill wont work or something, my job is SM and i got disconnected when i was learning skill "Sonic Boom" it was lvl 24 when i got disconnected, then i re-login then i maxed it, my question is will it be bugged? they say that after max-ing the skill i will have to relog but it hasnt max yet and i got disconnected, will it be okay? O_O im confuse how to ask this but i dont like my anxious feeling >.<
  7. um, is that shield is real? hahah i know it's silly, but that shield and armor is cool :O
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