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  1. Ah okay. Thx, I'll tell her right away
  2. Eternal Flame Ring is not enchant-able ? Because, my friend said it didn't want to enter the enchant slot, but it keeps spamming "Please place an item for enchanting on the slot"
  3. Forgot few things. Sorry. I just upgraded Spirit Sword to lv 16, does the spirit sword need to be maxed or stop at certain skill lv ? and when you reach lv 130, you have to dd at lv range 81 ~ 100 or there's actually more than that ?
  4. I have a few questions in my mind. First, If i bought hb box in the web itemshop, will I get 2 of those or I just got one of them ? Second, what does this "[p], [r], [c]" mean ? Third, What do you mean by mix str agi ? Philoed ?
  5. What happens if you have swords with +7 and that is for lv 105 ? And you reinforce and philo them ?
  6. The topic is the question.
  7. Okay, thanks for the info :D
  8. So how do I get these rune carved patterns and molds ?
  9. I'm really lacked of knowledge to know where can you obtain any weapons above lv 105. Could you guys tell me ? EDIT : If its a sketch, well tell me where I can obtain it.
  10. Btw, where can you get those swords ?
  11. The Commander's Combat Boots actually dropped from Hell Element, Iron Mine F2 EDIT : Iron Mine's mob is a bit stronger. Just a note. And they have bigger health than most mob outside the cave
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