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  1. I start use Archer (common path rogue>ruffian>archer) to farm shadows at around lv 55 but then quickly get bored :v and go bossing for Flick (Shadow boss), eternal flame belt (Dobeik in Dark Portal) and even Salam (although i never get anything good from him)
  2. this is a reskill i got from red envelope using my SA and it still notice me to return to character selection when i'm about to use it on my SA. But this is the notice when i'm trying to use it on my BT :( then why can't i use it?? Thanks
  3. Does the gloves and boots have the same % as robe/ L.armor/ H.Armor?
  4. I have seen a guide about crafting that show maximum bonus an equipment can acquired and an other one about max stats when philo. But now i can't find them nowhere so anyone know how much maximum crafting bonus and philo stats are? :/ and sorry for my bad english
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