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  1. Selling> Villain PA4.9 150b Strawberry Gelato 18b Earmuff PA 30b Panda Boots 8b Native Glove 2.5b Native Helm 2b Crit Slime 8b Sunflower Trinket 6.5b FDS PA18.3 30b HBSet neck PA19.6 glove EVA15.4 40b Sekhmet EVA14.9 STR5.9 DEX8.6 13b EG+8 EVA14.2 PA2.4 4b Earring DEX19.9 EVA6.4 INT6.6 500m Elephant Mask of Evil+12 4b mcap eva 15.3 ms8.5 7b Venom+12 Eva 15 + Eva 14.4 30b Lboots [c]STR 49 [r]MS 97 [p]Eva 14.6 pa2.9 10b Larmor [c]dex50 [r]str25 [p] eva 14.5 str7.8 crit9.6 15b hellen ma4% NOTE ME IN-GAME PhysicalAttack (mostly AFK, ignoring all WM)
  2. 1. magnus, like TM, have dual wield skill, maxed at lv5, unlike Swordmaster / BT that have lv10 2. i might say sword, so u can use Sonic Boom 3. its all comes down on how prepared u are for lvling, if u have all the needs to reach 110% crit, then i say STR, but if not, DEX 4. magnus can be 1h sword + shield, that if pushed to its limit can have high dps and tank at same time 5. theres quite a lot of magnus build, u can try search in the forum and see if one fits u
  3. its clearly said that "+7 Wizardly Wand" "Staff / One Hand"
  4. Selling 1. Dagger 135 +12 [c]47str [p]22.8str [p]7.3eva 2. AK +13 [p]8.6dex [p]14.9eva 3. Larmor135 +7 [c]str50 [p]15.2eva 4. Lboot135 +7 [c]str48 [p]5.3str [p]15.6eva 5. Kynee +7 [p]14.8eva [p]1.3patk 6. Belt Firemane 7. Vglove +12 [r]17strike [p]14.5eva + Vneck +7 [p]14.4eva 8. Hator [p]15.9eva 9. 1set Gemini Gemini [p]20.4eva total 10. KOD crit60 11. Crit Slime 12. BWL 13. Bache 14. Panda Boot 15. Phixus Clean 16. Larmor 135 [c]49str [p]str24.1 17. hator eva 12.7 18. M.Abra and B.Alloy PM Me In Forum or PM DarkNInjaz (Me Rarely In Game)
  5. 1. DEX gives you crit chance n dmg 2. Fighter Heart, Zephyr gives doubled effect from their stat boost (i.e 10 STR from Fighter Heart = 20 STR from Stat Point) 3. on late game, DEX is about strike, eva n crit dmg, as you will have 1500 crit chance at full buffs, suits yourself 4. there is no point in dex paladin, low STR means low in p.atk, more over, as fighter has little to no crit dmg buffs, its a fail :(
  6. first of all, the most powerful farmer type job is entrapper, using dagger + shield is better than using bow, its up to u if u want to follow that guide or not, or u can message me if u want to ask more second, its optional, but its better if u starts with an elf mage -> RM and/or a human fighter -> Destroyer, respectively for supportive buffs and damage buffs third, its another optional, but it can help u get golds as starter
  7. masih, skill buat BT ya standar rogue.. main eva, STR
  8. and fearful blow is not the only skill u rely, burning crash and sonic boom to if u chose knight before, most ppl on pvp mostly rely on burning crash or sonic blow than fearful blow 'cause its faster casting while fearful blow requires longer time to finish but its ur choice to pick between fearful blow only or using all skills with strike required
  9. Sell at fix price B. Alloy @15m M. Abrasive @25m PM or note TheLugia for lots buy, mostly vending @NC
  10. Strike is the main thing u need, not the crit, as the crit is bonuses from raising dex.. Crit mostly comes from crit slime, philoed wings, rogue and rm buffs... These buffs alone is enough to get u to 1k crit if u go for str stat But since the rate for strike from dex is twice than from str, u need to go for dex then. This only if u want to go for pvp, which u really need high amount of strike to hit most rogues with 400++ eva If u just want to grind, farm or boss killing, then high strike is not needed,, 350 strike is enough to do, where u build str stat
  11. In my way of thinking , ur goal is to achieve 400+ strike with 1700 crit, after that pour everything to patk and pdef... Other than that,, i dont really know since i hardly play any fighters
  12. I to have same problem before,, all i do is request another one, and it works,,,
  13. Gimme ur ign,, i have 87 tanker,, can do once im home
  14. Cant u just multi clients,, if its hard to find dd partner? What's ur job btw? If its tanker,, better to grind at Valley of fairy,, mobs 10 at once,,
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