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  1. If you're going to be posting pictures with your account details on them, you may want to consider messaging a staff member directly, or posting a ticket. I believe there is also a thread already made for ban questions.
  2. Hi there, So I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, let alone whether or not it was accepted/denied. I did look through the 10 pages of suggestions to try to find out, but there is a good chance I could have missed it, as I only skimmed through quickly at all the titles, however!.. A block feature: One of the most useful and amazing features most games have/should have/need to have. The ability to block those annoying gold begging players from whispering you, for all their comments to be a ghost to you on all forms of chats, whether it be general chat world chat, guild chat or union chats. Now, I realize there is an option that blocks incoming whispers from players not currently on your friends list. But this option is a hassle, as you turn it on to block annoying people then go to sell/buy something from someone on megaphone and forget that this option is still ticked. It also does not block regular messages from said player you want ghosted. An option like this would be perfect to add onto the already pre-existing friends list, right at the bottom before the "Write" and "Whisper" functions. "Blocked" which opens up a window with a "Block management" displaying a list of blocked players exactly like the friends list, with tick boxes next to the added players names, and "Add" and "Delete" options at the bottom. Another option would be to add "Blacklist" onto the actions skill page which would take you to the same block management page. And also adding to the little list of options that appear when you right click a players character is another viable option, which I would highly recommend. "Block player" I'm sure many players would agree with me on this suggestion. And if they don't, what is wrong with you?
  3. Hi! Welcome to Celestia Luna, If you have any questions regarding builds, stats ect just ask here on the forums. There are plenty of people that will be willing to help, and throw suggestions in if you ask nicely enough. Enjoy your stay, and see you in-game!
  4. Now that I did not know, certainly makes getting more crit worth it. Self buffed, including NPC potions I have almost 1k crit, and with all my RM's buffs that goes up to almost 1300. I have 80+385 Strength, and 161+125 Dexterity. That's with potions, and self buffs. How much strength would I be looking at giving up? I'm not concerned about Vitality, as I don't have issues with surviving. If crit is the main thing that I'm looking at getting out of Dexterity, would it not be quicker to simply stack crit philosophers until I reach the sweet spot, as the evasion gained from Dexterity is pretty much worthless. Thanks for all the replies thus far.
  5. Hi there, I've asked a couple of people in-game that I had been referred to by friends regarding my questions, however they never replied (Thanks alot guys) Anywho, just had a Destroyer questions. I've got the build sorted out, managed to find some good information regarding, and also have my stat build down (somewhat) I've gone with full dexterity as my stat build, but I'm not sure what to put my philosopher, or reinforcement stats into. I have been stacking so far into Physical attack/ Strength. now at level 112 with a Physical attack of over 10k. I feel like I should be doing alot more damage, and have been questioning as to whether or not I should stack everything into Dex when I get the chance to such as with my philo, and reinforcement's. Some guidance here would be great, have not found a thread that talks much about those two things.
  6. Hi there, Have tried to whisper everyone mentioned here, and on your first message. Seems all your officers are currently offline, If you could get someone to whisper me that'd be great. Characters I'm on: Seku, and Nuko. Thanks!
  7. Maybe later on. I'm just using him at the moment as a buffer for my other character that I'm leveling at the same time
  8. Got it, thanks. More buffs for my main character <3
  9. Followed this guide (Job wise) and Now I'm level 75 and only able to choose warlock as my next job. Mage > Wizard > Sorcerer > Now my only option is Warlock : /
  10. Thanks. Couple of other questions, what level do I need to be in order to invite people to party? Also, if I remember correctly you get a free skill/stat reset at a certain level from a quest? Atleast, you were able to during the original Luna, and Luna +
  11. Hi there, As the title says, Is there any point in doing the quests in this version? Besides you your main class quests. So far I've gotten from level 1-40 by simply killing stuff, have not even bothered with all the quests at the start that I'd normally do. Thanks in advanced, and see you in-game.
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