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  1. Lanaro

    is this a scammer?

    maybe if he/she saw my post he/she will get mad ?thats why i erase my IGN but there`s nothing to scared of ^_^
  2. Lanaro

    is this a scammer?

    maybe if he/she saw my post he/she will get mad ?
  3. you miss understand i not saying the philo gone but my glove exactly gone, on that time when i uneqiped my CB glove philo with 28.4 vit since, i change it so that my low lvl enemy can hit me i using troll glove instead but when i look up on my inventory my CB lost?
  4. that glove is+12 28.4 vitphilo
  5. i mean im using my CB.set when im at duel since my enemy is low lvl from me i unquiped my cb glove so that the block rate will not effect any more so i swap my CB glove with troll glove from my invetory...and after that im looking for my CB on my inventory and damn gone....
  6. im not sure since its very lag at that time...
  7. Q>sir what happen why when i change my gloves from cb to other gloves after that my +12 CB vit philo lost??? T.T
  8. well it is a good idea so a new player will gain knowledge about crafting,since as i see many newbies keep asking on shouts
  9. Actually i liked the current celestialuna settings specially that new client wich easy to download and install..........and the graphic is nice and good than other luna...^_^
  10. ok,.. ^_^..how about adding mounts?
  11. how about my elf path (fighter-guard-infantryman-knight-paladin) at guard you can get blessing guard,nature shield,blunt shield,blood leak(you got deff 1%,max HP 1%) at knight you can get divine justice skill that increase HP recovery by 300hp every 4 seconds plus you can get 1% attack bonus and you also get solid weapon...
  12. GM please add majin class. i think it is very nice many player will like it ^_^
  13. so i can re-new my entry or im already disqualified ?
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