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  1. Of course, Akcent. I've tried to get some of the "stupid people" off the mods/GMs case. Any time you guys are on I'm like (Cue the "spam the mod/GM" event). I've enjoyed my time here to some extent, but nowadays there aren't a lot of people willing to talk to me or be my friend and such and I used to be okay with that. These days, the game gets pretty lonely by yourself...
  2. Welcome to Celestia! Hope you enjoy yourself.
  3. Hello. I'm someone who's been part of this for awhile, but hasn't greeted many people (mainly cause I'm not on forum a lot) however, I hope we can be friends.
  4. You sound a lot like me in this. (Note the italicized text.) I think we'll get along pretty well...maybe. ;)
  5. (Good idea.) Welcome to Celestia, Mai. (I have a certain friend who I call "Mai", so this MAY be confusing.) I'm more than willing to make friends and help out. ^^ *hugs*
  6. Giving me hell already, huh? (Nah, j/k. Besides, I saw a few of yours intros...you give EVERYONE hell. LOL) Nice to meet all of you. This game gets boring by yourself, so...yeah. I thought I'd try and make some more friends. If you wish to find me in-game, I'm on SSMJ(insert 4-digit code number) or Exception(insert 4-digit code number). My "SSMJ" chars are male and my "Exception" chars are female, just so you know. update 6/19/2011: I added the list of my chars in my sig.
  7. Well, I've been a part of celestia luna for awhile, but I never really "introduced" myself, so yeah..."hi everyone" is what I'll say on that. A little about me: 1. I only speak English, so don't come talking to me in a different language. If you do, I'll be like "Huh? Speak english!" 2. Don't ask me for duels, cause 9/10 I'll say no. If I want to duel, I'LL ask YOU. 3. I'm generally open-minded about talking to people, but if you come to me with an arrogant attitude, then I won't be bothered. It's good to have SOME pride, but not TOO MUCH. 4. I have little to no knowledge of the marketing base, so if someone can please help me, that'd be really nice of you. I'm REALLY bad at pricing stuff and have VERY little patience when it comes to sales... 5. Keep 1-4 in mind and stay on my good side. ^_^ I might tell you more if I get to know you. B)
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