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  1. Hi? Can this build farm serpents in oasis?
  2. Ruff-thief-th-bt? Okay ba to ganda kasi nung job passive eh. Or sundan ko parin yung ruff-arch-th-bt? Pa help mga lods
  3. Hello Sir, I am also interested making one. Does ruff-thief-th-bt sounds okay? That job passive is too good to miss.
  4. Note me how much gold i should add and we nego :) IGN: GetZeTank
  5. Thanks for clearing that up more power to you guys
  6. Hello, good afternoon sir/ ma'am I just bought a flame order set from a vendor(its still in a box form). when i clicked it i got 4 pcs mainly head,body,gloves,boots the set has 4/4 effect but when i checked the shop here for donators it has a 5/5 effect. am i missing something?
  8. 150M per slot hehe.. negotiable ... IGN: GetZeTank
  9. oh cool thank you this is very helpful
  10. As far as i know only 1 karat and broken diamond are used for crafting..
  11. WUUU you replied abit late lol i already did warrior-infantry but not too late to restart though btw is the old builds back in 2016 still work?
  12. Hello mga ser patulong nmn sa build oh.. SM human
  13. i wanna go back and play this game again
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