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  1. This server worth to play? YES OF COURSE Castle Siege In here still not have that, still balance all job, and fix all bug I play many luna, from clasic to semi plus, but i think, this is the best server ^^
  2. This is good suggestion, (maybe if can, i like add slot for costume weapon, so we can use the main weapon, with cute model ^^)
  3. I hope this can help u guys, the reason why that happen because the file is gone What u need to do is 1.Open Antivirus 2. Open Quarantined Items 3. Restore That file 4. Open Real Time Scanning 5. Press ADD FIle, Then ADD LUNAClient.exe and Patcher.exe DONE, NOW YOU CAN OPEN LUNA ^^
  4. kalau dari pengalaman gua yang di kasih tua cuma nama idnya (pwnya nga) jadi harus ingat sendiri, tapi kalau dari kebanyakan orang, jawabannya NGA BISA
  5. still didnt know about the map information, but one thing i know, if you in that map, the effect from edit item is gone, so u can use edit item, but did not get any effect from that edit (still got effect from philo,rein,enchant from that item)
  6. Thats not server, there is a plan, about new map (there is edit not give any effect) or we can say non edit map
  7. Sorry for long answer, i already try, piercing arrow (upgrade from naddleshot is more fast cast time), pounding shot is optional, u can max many skill if use that path, because u got lot of sp, because u didnt got buff wispering from this path
  8. Thats why i make double shot is optional, Double Shot is good for kill monster because the manna cost is so low,
  9. Thankss I agree, casting foil and illusion attack is good, but people soft ban that skill
  10. Hello, this is the first time I made a guide for rogue, I have studied and experimented on job rogue for about 3 years, and from all the paths I have tried, and this is what I feel is best for joining the war as ARCHRANGER (for now). Hopefully this path can help. Race = Human (because we need Skill Burning Rage, and jobs will be taken at lvl 40 and 75 specifically for humans) Stats = Up To You (STR for PA, and Dex for Crit rate) Job Path = Voyager - Thief - Assassin - ArchRanger Why did we choose the path above? Because of the passive skill of the Thief - Assassin path (Pa 5% and Crit Dmg 5%) Also from the assassin job we get passive skills (Attack speed 12.5% and MS 8%) Why not take the Voy - archer - Runewalker - Archranger path? Because during war, it is very difficult to do a full buff. Runewalker path is a path that has a lot of buffs and is very difficult to use when war. Which makes it difficult for our characters to use the maximum potential of this job. Level 1 -105 we use a Dagger as a weapon, and will do a reskill at 105 Skills that must be learned Level 1-20 (Rogue) Dusk Slashing (max) Zephyr (max) Blindside (max) Deathsign (max) Dager Training (max) Burning Rage (max) Level 21-40 (Voyager) Zephyr (max) Blindside (max) Fatal Touch (max) Deathsign (max) Detect Hole (max) Light Evasion (optional) Light Armor Expertise (optional) Level 41-75 (Thief) Dusk Slashing (max) = Rapid Slashing (max) Wind Breaking (max) (This is the AOE skill) Zephyr (max) Burning Rage (max) Dager Training (max) Shadow Instinct (max) Diabolic Instinct (max) Detect Hole (max) Light Evasion (optional) Stealth (optional, For Invisible) Level 76-105 (Assassin) Rapid Slashing (max) Shadow Spin (max) This is Second AOE but small area Wind Breaking (max) Zephyr (max) Burning Rage (max) Dager Training (max) Shadow Instinct (max) Diabolic Instinct (max) Detect Hole (max) Light Evasion (optional) Stealth (optional, For Invisible) When level 105 you need reskill to reset all skills, because when level 105 we start using Bow. Level 105 (ArchRanger) Magic arrow (max) Smoldering Shot (max) This is the AOE skill Neddle Shot (max) = Piercing Arrow (lvl 11 Neddle shot) (MAX) This is OP SKILL Powershot (optional) = Doubleshot (optional) Fire Arrow (optional) Zephyr (max) Detect Hole (max) Fatal touch (max) Fast realod (max) Elastic Bow (max) Burning Rage (max) Rapid Attack (max) For Attack Speed Rapid Movement (max) For MS Bow training (max) Light Evasion (max) Long Shot (max) Deathsign (max) Blindside (max) Light Armor Expertise (optional) THANKS FOR READING IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION, JUST ASK IF U NEED OTHER JOB PATH (ROGUE) JUST TELL ME, I WILL MAKE FOR YOU ^^
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