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  1. We could do it nao if you're free ;)
  2. I wanted to test how strong your path is. Care to duel me sometime? I'd be more than willing to share a few points on the job classes.
  3. I like the half life costume and medieval ones. Great job everybody!
  4. Ralph


    Highly depends. If you want higher matk then go for the matk obviously. Kai is also correct, Int gives you Magic Crit wherein matk doesn't.
  5. Not to be a dick but the challenge was to MAKE a costume. Not post your existing one.
  6. @Akcent

    I'm surprised as well haha!

  7. Only -1 rep.

    I'm actually surprised.


  8. LMAO. I fell asleep xD I'll continue later on :P

  9. i change mah mind.

    AWESOME TROLL!! Keep it going!! O:<

  10. ralph where those massive words ?

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