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  1. Antoni77's post in Rage Burst was marked as the answer   
    as long as it's Two Handed Weapon, Rage Burst will affected :)
  2. Antoni77's post in Way of the Bow? was marked as the answer   
    the most old guide job path for Arc-Ranger
    ELF Rogue> Voyager> Archer> Rune Walker> Arc-Ranger
    it's simple Job path, and easy to follow it... :)
  3. Antoni77's post in Is it possible to reset the character's job ? was marked as the answer   
    we don't have it... you can suggest it on suggestion section :)
  4. Antoni77's post in AR Question was marked as the answer   
    ELF path is the good one :)
    ELF Rogue> Voyager> Archer> Rune Walker> AR

    Archer, Rune Walker, Arc Ranger will get 4 Area skills, though you maybe only need 2 or 3 of them :)

    -Power Shot> Double Shot Level11/ Level 1
    -Needle Arrow> Piercing Arrow Level11/ Level 1
    -Piercing Shot Level 5
    -Ice Raining Level 10
    -Illusion Attack Level 10
    -Fire Arrow Level 5
    -Rapid Arrow Level 5
    -Mystical Arrow (Magical Arrow) Level Max
    -Smoldering Shot Level Max

    -Zephyr Max
    -Detect Hole Max
    -Fatal Touch Max
    -Quick Movement Level 5
    -Side Step Max
    -Whispering Wind Max
    -Whispering Fire Max
    -Whispering Stream Max

    -Bow Training Level 20
    -Light Armor Expertise Level 20 (you maybe no need Learn this skill)
    -Light Armor Evasion Max
    -Eagle Eye Max
    -Blind Side Max
    -Death Sign Max
    -Long Shot Max
    -Enhanced MP Level 5
    -Mana Contro Level 5
  5. Antoni77's post in SM question was marked as the answer   
    I think it's still from Human... Gladiator Rage Burst is level 4 so the Critical Damage of Sword is increased...
  6. Antoni77's post in About Fighter In The Wind was marked as the answer   
    that boss is spawned on 1 place only on Nera Knight Graveyard...
    go to the "Ground Keeper Quarter" on this Map Image... (press W in game to see the map) :)

  7. Antoni77's post in Double Sonic Boom was marked as the answer   
    Double Sonic Blast is for Swords Only as Weapon requirement
    there is no skills that's saying "Dual Wield Weapons" only for requirement...
  8. Antoni77's post in Need help taking swordmaster skills was marked as the answer   
    both of Fearful Massacre and Dual Blow are Hurts
  9. Antoni77's post in Holy swing was marked as the answer   
    all Holy Attacks (Holy Swing, Holy Spike, Holy Uppercut) from job Monk are single target attacks,
    Monk has no AoE :)
    as for Fearful Blow, that skill is also single target attack :)
    they're just wrong description tooltip...  
  10. Antoni77's post in Dual Wield was marked as the answer   
    only counted 1... because AK double damage is 1 of Set Effect, Set effect will not counted if you use same weapon for dual
    including dual stenno, and dual cutlass too :)
  11. Antoni77's post in Panzer/Sniper still bugged? was marked as the answer   
    only Panzer skills still bugged and is "Iron Night Shot"
    this skill supposedly AoE but is still Single Target, also the Damage are just too low... :)
    as for Sniper, there is no Bug on their Skills :)
  12. Antoni77's post in Some skill after update was marked as the answer   
    -not checking yet for Rage Burst because my Destroyer still using Sword...
    -Shield Boomerang it's seems cannot be used anymore on Dual-Dagger (I'm not checking it yet)
    I hope Shield Boomerang is modified and become Dagger's Skills too (example: Chain Boomerang perhaps? jk)

    -Now we can use Fearful Massacre and Dual Blow on Dual-Wield SwordsMaster
    -We can also using all Dagger Skills on Dual-Dagger BladeTaker and TemperMaster
    -Musket Training has been fixed, having fun creating Panzer and Sniper :)

    but yeah sure, there is some skills still get bug (not have any effect), and I'm sure they will fix them soon :)
  13. Antoni77's post in Failed to join server and help participation was marked as the answer   
    hmm, try to go to Celestia Luna Online Folder (is usually on C:\ Program Files\ Celestia Luna...)
    on there, there is file "celestiapatch" File 1KB... delete this file, and then try to Launching Celestia Luna again with the Launcher
    it will be do auto-update... and after it's finish, I hope you can play Celestia Luna
  14. Antoni77's post in Ned help was marked as the answer   
    effect of 2 accessories with same name will not stack
    (same case for Dual Wield with 2 weapon with same name)

    exceptional for "Set" Effect (example: 2 Hathor, 2 Gemini) :)
  15. Antoni77's post in Destroyer skill bug was marked as the answer   
    Fearful Blow is not bugged, the descriptions text is just wrong, so yeah is not AoE skill either :)

    OOT... Info:
    the bugged skill on Job Destroyer is Buff: "Fatal Force" (is not increasing Critical Rate neither Critical Damage too)
  16. Antoni77's post in harpys black mithril dagger was marked as the answer   
    I remember that Item's name is wrong name... is supposedly "Tiger Black Mithril Dagger"
    (Tiger = DEX 15, but Harpy = DEX 20)
    please report the wrong name items to GM :)
    Tiger Black Mithril Dagger can be drop from Blue Mimic level 61 on Map Field Dried Gazzel Fall :)
  17. Antoni77's post in Dual wield expertise was marked as the answer   
    Blade Taker has 3 Passive Skills for Dual Wielding:
    -Dual Wield Mastery (this is in game name skills, on Skill Calculator this skill known as Dual Wield Expertise, please dont be confused)
    -Dual Wield Training
    -Dual "Weapon" Mastery (in game name skills too, on Skill Calculator this skill known as Dual Wield Mastery, and yes this is what the skill he is asking for...) :)
    so here I will answer it:
    -Dual Weapon Mastery is Passive Skills that Increase your Attack Speed while you are Dual Wielding :)
    and yes, Temper Master does not have Passives Dual Weapon Mastery, nor even Dual Wield Training too xD
    I hope now everyone understand and clear about this ;)
  18. Antoni77's post in Physical Defence was marked as the answer   
    Necromancer and Soul Arbitter is Job Mage with high defends :)
    you can search Guide of these jobs on Mage Guide Section :)
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