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  1. U have to form a party by Click "S" (Skill) on ur keyboard, double click [~FormParty] n click "OK" on the approved window, select the char u wanna invite, pop-up char names window appeared on the top of ur screen, mouse right-click inside pop-up char names window, select "Party Invitation", waiting for response from the char u wanna invite. If she/he approved n then done. Invited char will be on ur party list.
  2. Celestia Luna Online 9th Anniversary 2019


    CLO Anniversary 9th 04.jpg

  3. kikijo

    Event Ribbon Rewards

    Yeay.. event gift new items ♥
  4. Happy Anniversary 9th CLO, Wish u long-lasting n success always ♥♥♥

  5. Happy New Year 2019.

    Wish joys n happiness on this new year 2019.

    Lot of prosperity.

    Bravo CLO.

  6. Yeay... BRAVO CLO... at last... the things that i'm waiting for is coming, Character Information improved n other things that makes me more excited bout this game, btw HBD CLO wish u all d'best n long lasting. 

  7. Manual: for making color pigment and color dye
  8. Manual: How to make color pigment and color dye


  9. ye ye ye.. up coming summer event :)

  10. Thanks lots GMs for CLO Updated, n Passive Job has been applied, n some new cute costumes n items in IS, hope this game more n more exciting. best regards for all of u <3.

  11. The one that I love about Celestia Luna Online r the costumes, fashionable, cool costumes n could be mix and match, luv CLO.

  12. New kind of fishie... LOL


    1. Orange


      Please report this kind of behavior. Walking into non-walkable zones is bug abusing and results in a ban.

  13. Happy Anniversary 7th Celestia Luna Online, wishing u all the best, God bless u n long lasting, i love u.

    CL Anniversar 7th 04.jpg

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