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  1. 1. How long have you been playing? 5 years. 2. What is your highest level in Celestia Luna? 150. 3. If you've reach the top, how does if feels like? Initially it was pretty cool, but then I was like, "what do I do now?" 4. Does gaming adds value to your life? What are those? Stress relief, meeting people from all over the world. 5. What are the reasons you keep on playing? I don't really play anymore. 6. If this is just for fun, does your real life don't have any fun in it that leads you to looking for fun in a digital world? Of course my real life is fun, but this "digital life" is also fun too, when you need a break from the real world. 7. Does gaming really makes sense? It does, does anything else really make sense? 8. If you will be given a chance to Reset all the time that you've spent playing? Would you use it or not? Why? Nope. No regrets, I would never want to reset those 5 years I have spent. It was well worth it. 9. What is your main purpose and goal in playing this game? No purpose anymore really, initially it was to make friends and have fun.~~
  2. ^ And then when other people decide to believe that one person, it makes everything worse. OT: Impatient people in drive thrus
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  4. IGN: Cuki Level: 145 Job: Cardinal Highest HP: 41987
  5. IGN: iSupport Level: 130 Job: Rune Master Highest MP: 41475
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