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Found 16 results

  1. Common Technical Difficulties Celestia Luna Online 0. Welcome~ - 1.Vista/Windows 7 1A Compatibilty 1B Avast - 2.Celestia Luna Online 2A No log in Prompt 2B "Game closes right when I start" 2C "Server is Off" 2D "Color Schemes" 2F " Failed to get update08-2.luna" - 3. Basic Computer Function 3A. "Can I run Luna?" 3B "I'm lagging alot.." 3C "Can I make my computer faster?" - 4. Somethings' Still wrong... 4A Contacting me - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0. Welcome~ Welcome to my thread, in which I will be addressing the more or so "common" problems people may be having with Luna online. I have everything here indexed, so you can use Ctrl+F and type in the Letter+Number code, to skip right down to where you need to be at. This was done on whim, because I've been helping quite a few people with problems, and figured it would be decent enough to give people a single place to go to for general help problems. Without further ado~ 1. Vista/Windows 7 Vista is an Operating system created by blah blah. Not getting into that haha. Anyways, a lot of vista users tend to have issues with playing online games, due to the way Vista was written. here are common issues found, and the ways I have come about to solving them. 1A. Compatibility A lot of Vista users will find that their online games just wont run in Vista. This is because Vista is written in a way that interferes with most games' patchers' ability to execute the main client. it's a very simple fix. Simply right click on your shortcut to the desired game and select "Properties". A window will appear on your screen showing the individual properties of your game. Looking up, you'll note there are a couple tabs, one of them being "Compatibility". Select this tab, and move on the to next screen. You'll see a list of older operating systems, you want to highlight, ((Or check off the box)) that says "Windows XP Service Pack II". Select "OK" and you may close that out. After doing so, give you computer a restart to save the changes. ((This is not always needed though)) And your game should run. This will also fix the problem of a game automatically closing out after the patching process. 1B. Avast Avast is a common Anti-Virus found on most Vista / Windows 7 computers bought during the last couple years. it is a very sensitive anti virus that will more than likely end up creating problems for the people who mainly use their system for online gaming. Detecting Celestia Luna Online as a viral threat, Avast is known to delete the Celestia Luna main.exe. Which is the actuall client itself, or is known to corrupt certain gaiming DLL's and corrupt downloads in general. Having an Anti Virus is highly recommended, but there is truly no need for the headache Avast seems to give most people. Go to your Control Panel, ((Start-> Control Panel)) and select the Add/Remove programs option. Wait for your software list to update, and remove Avast Completely from your system. If your Celestia Luna Online client has already been corrupted, uninstall it using this method also. Once this is all done, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Do so, and Reinstall Luna Online, if you've removed it previously. Follow This Link And download Advanced System care. ((This is only my personal suggestion, having personal experience with this.)) Or download a Anti virus that you would like to download. Avast is a great Anti Virus, don't get me wrong, but it is way too touchy to be used along with online gaming. You -could- go through and set your games to be allowed through, but Avast has been known to go "Skynet" and not listen to what we tell it to do. ---------------------------- 2. Celestia Luna Online 2A No Login Prompt This problem has been brought to attention quite a few times. And to our luck, is very easy to fix. Go to your Celestia Luna Online Folder, (( C:/Program Files/Celestia Luna Online/)) In this folder you will see a file named "celestiaPatch". It will be about 1KB in size, Or 43 Bytes for you Vista/Windows7 users. Delete this file, and run Luna Online. By deleting this file, you're forcing Luna Online to repatch, which will restore your login prompt. This solution has worked 100% of the time, to the people I have given it too. 2B Game closes once I start... This is a common problem when the main client is either Corrupt, or not communicating with the Patchers' executions. This is normally an issue solely to those using Windows Vista/ Windows 7. Simply refer to the compatibility section of this thread to fix this problem. If the problem persists, Remove Luna Online from your computer, reinstall and follow the instructions given in "1A Compatibility". For those experiencing this problem with Windows XP, there maybe several causes to the problem. One may that be you're not running a compatibile service pack. Upgrade to Windows Xp Service Pack 2 or higher, and it will solve the problem. The latest, or most functional version of Service pack can be found Here at this link.. 2C. Server is Off... This problem roots from when your character is in a map/area that is currently down. This is also a simple, more or so effortless fix. Go to the Main Website And log in with your Login Credentials. Select the Teleport Function and move your charcter to a map other than the one you're currently logged into. (( You must be Logged Off of Luna online completely for this to work.)) 2D Color Schemes While this is not really a technical problem, it's something I've seen come up. Even I had no clue how to do it. The color scheme is what makes luna's windows a certain color. To change the color cheme, go to your Celestia Luna Online folder. (( C:/program files/Celestia luna online)) And select the "System" folder. You will see a settings file name Goptions. Open this file. Scroll down to where you see "game skin" Select the color you'd like and paste it into the line that starts with "image path" so it looks something like this: imagePath = data\interface\windows\image_path_pink.bin This will change your color scheme. ((The above makes Luna online Pink. )) Mind this, you may only choose from the colors given, which are currently Blue, Black, and pink. 2F Failed to get update 08-2.luna This happens when your Anti virus isn't allowing your patcher to recieve the packets, and is dropping/blocking the information needed to update your client. To fix this, all you have to do is either: Add Luna Online to your acceptions list on your anti-virus, or uninstall and download a new anti virus system, preferably the one I've included here at the bottom of this thread. --------------------------------------------- 3. Basic Computer Function 3A. Can I run Luna? Most online games never require more than 2 Gigs of RAM to play. I run Luna online quite Nicely on only 1 Gig. Having a pretty decent video card and memory amount will help too. The lowest Computer specs used to play luna are below: 512 MB of RAM Pentium 3 CPU 1200 Mhz Mobility Radeon 7500 16MB (Videocard) 2002 The above information was supplied thanks to Sparx, in which they used the laptop this information from as the base platform for server testing. Having anythign superior to this will more than likely gurantee that you can play Celestia Luna Online. 3B. I'm lagging alot.. This is more than likely due to not having enough memory, or "RAM" to run Luna Online, or your computer is suffering; health wise. or, you just have way too many things open at one time. The easiest way to solve horrid lag problems is to open your game options (While online Luna)) by using the "O" key. Put everything to minimum and see the improvement, if any. Close out all unnecisarry programs, whether it be a web browser, Music player, etcedera. Closing out programs releases memory and speeds up your computer most of the time. 3C Can I make my computer faster? The best way to give your computer a great speed boost, is by improving the overall health of your computer with the use of Anti Virus, Malware removal and other such programs that do the same functions. Below is the list of programs I use to keep my computer in top notch form. Advanced System Care Pro This is an all around very versatile program. It gives you a -lot- of goodies, such as a "turbo boost" function and countless of other things in the toolbox. Most noteable are: Turbo Boost, Smart Ram, Driver Manager, and obviously the ability to slaughter virus' malware. Turbo Boost closes out all unnecissary applications, to give you computer a speed boost. it is also configurable; so you can stop it from closing certain programs, such as Music, web, or anything else you may want to keep up. Smart RAM goes through everything, realeases every bit of RAM it can find for you, and minimizes to the task bar to give a real time RAM usage meter; so you'll know if you're overdoing it. The driver manager finds, and automatically updates any outdated drivers you may currently be usind; and is one of my favorite parts of the program. iObit is constantly updating ASC to the newest Virus Definitions, so you'll always be very well protected from the newest online threats you may come across. Can also be setup to automatically deep clean your computer at a set time. Best thing? It's -very- easy to upgrade to a pro version....if you know what you're doing. Malware Fighter Pro When it comes to online threats, Malware is becoming very popular, and quickly. Almost any computer you will touch from this second, to the future; will have malware on it, if it doesn't have sufficient protection. This is also constantly updated, and is easy to upgrade to a pro version. This Malware fighter is one of the best I've ever used. See a pattern happening with the iObit software? ^_~ Smart Defragging Yet another program by iObit; this program will quickly defrag your computer (even when in use) so that you're computer will run as fast as it can when dealing with files, or anything of the sort. This can be setup so that it will automatically run upon startup, hidden, in the background. Keeping your computer files defragged is a great way to boost overall performance. Game Booster Okay, this is the last iObit program i'm going to give tyou, I promise!!! This program is a god send for those who just,...have slow computers in general. This program will boost your Page Pool into the game itself, dedicating all the RAM it possibly can to your game. it's very easy to use, and doesn't require an upgrade to use. Also comes with system tweaks for drivers, Software, and updates automatically. --------------------------- This thread was created for the general convinience for the players. All information given is from personal Know How/Other people. All credit is given to the people who deserve it, blah blah; In short. Enjoy, I hope it helps those who use it for their problems.
  2. Hi Admin,GM and Mod, I just want to report error when I choose the channel the game client crashed. I already tried to teleport my character in your webpage but still nothing happens. Appreciate if you can help me. IGN: MrSilence Username: nako019 If you need other details please let me know. Thank you. Cheer!
  3. DarkScary

    How register?

    Error in register page?
  4. mengapa ya saya tidak dapat PP saya? pedahal saya sudah beli dan pembelian itu sukses tolong dong yang tau bantuin
  5. Halo agan-agan, udh sekian lama g main CL krn main yg lain :mellow: #curhatdikit sebelumnya, jarang banget ngalamin error kayak gini klo main, dan g nemu post forum yg ngalamin ini (ato ada tapi kurang teliti carinya yak? >_>) mohon bantuannya gan :D
  6. Please fix this problem... i just donate 100$ and the PP doesnt pop out... Nick Char : GozphelJr; please check it ASAP... im panicking right now T,T
  7. I've downloaded Celestia Luna. And then I've isntalled that. But, when I ran that, the "loading" stuck at the "Saving Resource..". Could you help me?
  8. Please help naman kaka DL ko lang at dalawang beses ko na install un game.. una my hinarang Avira then ininstall ko ulit tapos nagkakapag select server na ako then hangang dun lang Pleas help namimiss ko maglaro nito
  9. I'm new here and i got this problem after patching the game Avira detect this TR/Drop.Agent.KCZ from luna folder so..
  10. I enter my celestia luna online alpha and it does not enter and the following error appearing on this image. I press "start game" screen appears celestia luna icon with green heart. Tightening to enter the server appears this screen imagem.me help because I want to play this game so much.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=461777067261949&set=a.461776963928626.1073741836.100002889804907&type=3&src=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-frc3%2F1500795_461777067261949_336502767_o.jpg&smallsrc=https%3A%2F%2Ffbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net%2Fhphotos-ak-frc3%2F1465381_461777067261949_336502767_n.jpg&size=1024%2C737
  11. Hi there, I got this problem with Item Mall. The problem is, my item mall won't appear but the bar thing (Item mall and the X thing to close) appeared. I've tried to relog but nothing worked :( What should I do? Do I need to re install everything? This is how it looks Thank you ^__^ please help me to fix my problem :((
  12. So last night this started popping up when I tried to run the client. I know it doesn't have anything to do with my firewall, celestia patch, ram, security settings or missing updates because i've checked all that already. I got it to run for about 15 minutes this morning and when I leveled up my Mercenary this happened again. I dunno what's wrong and I'm installing Windows updates now to see if that's the problem, but if one of y'all knows what's goin' down it would be much appreciated if help me out here. Edit: Changing the compatibility to Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5) seems to have fixed the problem for now.
  13. okey, this one is super annoying crash.. this often happened, and especially when i farming.. the error message is like this, 'Celestia Luna Online has Stopped Working' blablablabla... not just in my computer, i try to some more comps and notebooks..this crash keep following me -_-! my av is off, my vga card is up to date.. i play in windowed 800x600, anyone know how to overcome this problems,? thanks for the help :)
  14. Uh. Hey I'm getting this error and it's not the antivirus and i tries re-installing it plenty of times anyone help? :/ "http://i39.tinypic.com/o87whz.png"
  15. can someone tell/help me with this problem ? everytime i tried to use 1280 x 1024 it always become like this. and , by the way. i'm still newbie on forum. Nice to know you all :) Here : http://www.freeimagehosting.net/sc2tg
  16. Gm i cant login,,, Error:D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE not available
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