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Found 8 results

  1. Karliah

    2h uses 1h skills

    Is every 1h skills able to be used when using 2h or just some of it? I'm curious if cross slash works on 2h
  2. Hi guys i want to select SM (human) but i don't know its job path,stats and skills. Inform me please
  3. I have found several topics that say that Dexterity adds critical damage. I've tested this myself by resetting my characters stat points several times. In fact, dexterity seemed to give similar damage bonuses to strength in my tests. However, if dexterity provides similar damage bonuses to strength, would it be a good idea to use full dexterity based equipment instead of strength based equipment? Could a character with high amounts of critical damage and average physical attack be viable? I'd like to hear input from anyone who's willing to provide it.
  4. I'm a lvl 110 elf fighter. İ dont choose any path . Which path is the best.
  5. I wasn't paying attention and chose the wrong class. I read in another forum that if you lower yourself back down to level 19 (which I just did) you are reverted back to being a fighter and can re-do the quest, I am level 19 and it says I am still a guard and not a fighter. I don't want to have to start over. What can I do to get reverted back to a fighter? Thanks so much to any answers.
  6. ummm. sorry but i don't know if there is any same topics as me but lazy to find it . so this is the question, do (fighter) skill Sword Rapidity do make faster casting skill or just normal attack speed ? reply A.S.A.P.
  7. So I've read faithless guide and I also read mrmonsterman's guide on the rogue class. Both of these sound cool but I want to know which is best for my play style, I usually like to deal LOTS of damage, I like having AOE attacks aswell. Before luna got shut down and reopened, i was a rogue, i dont remember what path i took though :/. Can someone help me decide? Im thinking of going rogue again because i like to deal crap ton of damage top mobs and players aswell.
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