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Found 7 results

  1. Dear Celestians, we are updating our account recovery policy to make it more reliable, faster and more secure. We will no longer perform e-mail changes on accounts with lost e-mails. There is no proof of ownership that you can provide as secure as owning the e-mail address saved on the account. Please read below which cases will be processed and which will be denied in our Account Recovery System: Forgot password, remember ID, remember e-mail: Use our automatic password recovery: https://celestialuna.com/account/recover/ Forgot/Remember password, forgot ID, remember e-mail: Use our automatic password recovery: https://celestialuna.com/account/recover/ Forgot/Remember password, remember ID, forgot e-mail: If you forgot your email you cannot proceed with recovery. Forgot/Remember password, forgot ID, forgot e-mail: If you forgot your email you cannot proceed with recovery. E-mail no longer active (eg: yahoo) or can't be recovered or e-mail was re-created (yahoo): There will be no recovery. Got hacked, password changed/unchanged (still have my account): Use our automatic password recovery and/or change your password immediately. If your items were stolen report being hacked to Orange in Discord. Create a ticket type "Hacked items" (this means you still have access to your account). Full or any item recovery is not guaranteed. Got hacked, password changed, e-mail changed (no longer have my account): Report your account being hacked to Orange in Discord. Can be recovered. Create a ticket with type "Hacked account". The e-mail change will be reverted and your password reset, look for a password recovery e-mail in your inbox when you get a ticket reply. Full or any item recovery is not guaranteed. In special cases where: Different PCs were playing before the email was changed. The previous users played until the day the email was changed. (There was no time between last played day and email change day) The incident was reported over 30 days after the email was changed. (Date the ticket was submitted) There were no items on the account on the day of email change. The account is still active. In this case we will not reset the email on the account because it clearly looks like a sold account. The account will be banned and cannot be recovered. Got banned: You can submit a ticket with type "Ban Appeal", recovery of the account is not guaranteed and depends on the type of ban, duration and when it happened.
  2. Wesley

    Ticket Sent

    To whom this may concern, I've recently sent a ticket to recover 'one' of the accounts that was stolen/hacked from me. I'm not asking to return my account immediately but I expected a response from anyone on staff to at least reply to my ticket/email sent. I find it unjust and quite unprofessional to be honest that I have been left waiting this long for someone to say "hey we've received your ticket, and we will consider your situation shortly"...but instead I get no reply. I'm really upset about losing my account already - as if the staff would have the nerve to bluntly ignore such a ticket. I understand the staff often receive such tickets day in day out but it gives you no reason to say "oh look another one >.>"...no...that should not be the case. A simple reply can go a long way to comforting the victim and give them assurance that their account can be returned (with or without their items). In my case I was hacked long before this ticket system was introduced and I took it upon myself to act now so I can be reunited with the characters I created. Also, back when and before I was hacked there was no ability to link your account to an email. It was just...who was the offender? Screenshot? Banned...and a response saying "Sorry we cannot recover your account". So, if my ticket is being ignored because I didn't provide a valid email linked to the account I call bs. So, my question is...have the staff received my ticket? And is the information I provided enough? Is there more you want from me? I prefer not to share my ID and character names here please send me a direct message if you want more information. Thank you
  3. To anyone whom this may concern, I've recently come back to Celestia Luna Online after quitting the game several years ago because I was hacked by a fake game mod by the name of 'GMLaurell' (however their name was spelled) or so they claimed they were. That person whispered me saying my items were suspiciously strong and insisted I log into the main website (but had given me a link to a fake and exact replica of the original website) and used that to obtain my account details. I understand that was my fault on the most part, knowing that Game Mods don't ask players to do such things. To be fair, anyone in my position at the time would have been scared of a Game Mod accusing you of obtaining suspicious items (although I most definitely did not). So I accept that my items are lost years ago when my account was stolen. However I've made a new account and wished to use my previous character names and they're still taken and I assume the account still have my high levelled characters. If there is anyway I could possibly obtain my accounts back (my main and alt accounts) I would be very grateful despite I've lost nearly everything. I understand that there's is an account recovery system now in place - however during the time I created those accounts there were no emails linked to the account when creating one back in 2009 to 2011? (correct me if I'm wrong) but I can still provide an email if need be. I can only remember the only emails I use then up until now so hopefully that works. However I've lost access to one email account I hope I didn't use. Also there's a very high chance the hacker might have changed the email linked to each of the accounts. So at the moment I can only remember the Account Login names, Character names, (possibly the level of the characters) and previous passwords I might have used. Unfortunately I can't recall linking an email account. How can I solve this issue? Thank you
  4. i play this game about 3 month ago, and now i want play , and what i got.. my medusa, wizard robe, G.glove and all my gold is missing, i dont know where, i check my all ID is nothing... anyone can help me.. i want play this game again... if i can, i want see my log about 3month ago
  5. dear GM , my id has been hacked yesterday , and he (person who hacked my char ) disturb other player , he sent web illegal in shout and note to other char my id : retnaapr14 nick : retnaapr2 i forgot my email , but i can give you my last password , you can banned the char , thanks GM
  6. Help all,my ID got hacked, i have been tried playing at 1 month ago, when i wanna to playing again,i can't open my ID,i can't login at CL website.. Help me please, i don't know to got back my ID.. Help Me Please :(
  7. hello, i know for sure that imust not go to links i got by random ppl, how can i when someone came to me names as GMSparx myy acc is not to be shared by others , since i do the donations from it, and everything i have is in this acc.. please i really want this acc back.. :( :( :( :( :( :(
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