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How Long Do We Need To Wait?


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Is it really an updates on this server?


all GM say was always and always... "soon it will be implemented on the next patch" . . . . "the admin are trying hard". . . . 


so when is the next patch? I ve been reading the same answer and waiting since 2011 until now... still no updates... no new patch...


are GM just talking wind?


Btw, please at least makes the password retrieve for game account... (alot of player asking this, and GM can do nothing about it) 


and also


I try to change my email on http://celestialuna.com/settings


but my old email keep appearing.. . . .what is the problem? 


another question is, how to know whether the item/equipment is dupe or not? Because my friend get permanent ban just because of this matter and he don't even know about it.. . . no mercy from GM :35:  sad 


Sorry my english bad... hope u understand

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Just keep waiting, until 2020, or 2050 maybe xD


after that long, maybe CL staff will always say "soon it will be implemented on the next patch", "the admin are trying hard"...

And next we must wait until 2090 xDD


Cannot change email? It's bcoz the feature was disabled, check here http://forum.celestialuna.com/index.php?/topic/28572-cannot-change-email/

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  • Administrator

Locked and moved because this is just a rant.


Duped items is when an item that can't be obtained was created, an item that needs to be crafted has no producer and so on.

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