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Account Safety Tips


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Dear Celestians, it is sadly often that players lose their accounts due to another player stealing it from them. And that can be prevented very easily by taking some or preferably all of the following steps.

But you must remember, your account is your own responsibility! Going against the following tips and our ToS regarding account sharing and trading is your choice and decision and the consequences are already known to you. 



  • Never register an account ID with the same name as your characters.
  • Never use the same password as your account ID.
  • Use a complicated password that nobody could guess.
  • Never tell your account ID to anybody.
  • If one of your accounts was compromised but you still have access to it, you must update your old password, and you should update your other accounts' passwords and any similar passwords to be safe.
  • If one of your accounts was compromised and you don't have access to it, you should update your other accounts' passwords and any similar passwords to be safe.



  • Never use the same account ID/password on other websites or servers. (We cannot control who has access to your information anywhere but here.)
  • Never tell your password (or account ID!) to anybody. Game Masters will never ask for your password.
  • Do not share accounts with other players, especially if you don't know them in real life. (A player may falsely befriend you to obtain your information)
  • Never download random files from third party websites if you don't know exactly what it is, they could be hidden keyloggers or malware. 
  • Never download any "cheat", "free...something" applications, they contain viruses and keyloggers!
  • Never enter your Celestia Luna information anywhere else, only https://CelestiaLuna.com is the real and official website. All our promotions and sales happen on our website only.  Account recovery does not need your password, ever.


Extra Safety

Always play at home, we have seen many players getting hacked by people they know in real life! Make sure you trust the computer you are going to play on.


If you can't play at home and play at an internet café make sure it's a safe place and the owner knows about preventing keyloggers and other malicious software from being installed. A small tip is to "restart session" or reboot the public PC so it resets its state and any malicious software installed by the person who used it before you is gone. A common trick played in internet cafes is to offer somebody to finish their session for free, it is almost always a scam.


If you have issues with your account visit https://celestialuna.com/help


Have fun and stay safe! C:

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