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Cardinal question

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On 2/4/2018 at 2:33 PM, xelor said:

Just wondering does the cardinal have a targetless aoe?

Also does great heal get as fast cooldown as fast heal at higher level?

a cardinal itself doesnt have targetless aoe.

mage's targetless aoes (and what class gets it and the skill lvl there) are:

- Fireblast (Sorc/10, Warlock/15, Necromancer/25)

- Holy Earthquake (Soul Arbiter/10)

- Vital Explosion (Necromancer/10)

so if you were a sorcerer or warlock, or you are a necro atm, you can get that Fireblast skill


Speaking of fast cooldown as fast heal. No. It will have 6s cooldowns on lvl 16++ instead of 7.8s

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