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Community Answers

  1. if the passive is "Training" , im sure they only minimize the penalty if it's "Expertise" , im sure you get the bonus PA upon dual wielding
  2. i suggest you use youtube music under audio library in creator studio if not you may seek either Kevin MacLeod or NCS whatever you do, be sure to give them a credit on description
  3. the colors that determine online/offline in friend list and read/unread in inbox made me confused one on top at every page and tab are always blue while the rest are yellow
  4. for panzer , they plan to rework it
  5. there is one Free-aim AOE from sorcerer/bishop, though not powerful if you didn't level it high enough yes they do , especially that cardinal is the best healer
  6. keep using mace , otherwise you cannot use prayer skills at all with wands
  7. gingerbread mask (head/face acc) snowflake channel (backgear , basically similar like spellbreaker , except the spinning circle was replaced by snowflake) santa's sack/bag (backgear) snowflake sunglasses (face acc , basically a heart sunglasses except the lens now shaped like snowflake) Ski goggles (face acc) Ski boards (backgear) "Naughty" and "Nice" sign (head acc , similar to "GF" , "BF" & guild sign)
  8. they already removed GP long ago due multivoters and they replace premium with gems
  9. Sky_Light12


    RM-exclusives were tipped at lv 4 meanwhile common buff such as shield is on par as cardinal's Lv 8
  10. remember the announcement " X has just become resident of blueland! "
  11. Spoiler



    1. oOUcuppOo


      wew shadow's fight.

    2. Sky_Light12





    3. oOUcuppOo


      skillnya suram kok bisa mirip profesor Xavier :v

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