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Patch Notes [July 31st 2018]


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Game Client:

  • Changed z-buffer clipping to fix surface clipping when zoomed out.


  • Fixed [Shield Defense] stat not being counted from buffs.
    • [Shield Defense] is counted together with overall [Defense] when calculating damage received.
    • [Shield Defense] is taken from an equipped shield's [Physical Defense], buffs and passives that add [Shield Defense]
    • Without having a shield equipped [Shield Defense] is always 0, even if you have buffs or passives that add [Shield Defense]
  • Fixed "walking" animation for wing items.
  • Implemented a minimum damage from monsters formula. Players whose physical defense is far greater than a monster's physical attack can no longer get 1 damage.
    • Minimum physical damage formula = playerLv * 0.33 + monsterAttack * 0.055 + LvlDifference
    • level difference formula = monsterLv - playerLv * 3.5
    • Example: if you're a level 65 Infantryman tank you will take 45.19 damage ( 9 (level difference) + 21.45 (your level) + 14.74 (monster physical attack)) from a level 68 Ogre Warrior, but if you're level 70 you will take 29.19 damage instead.


  • Changed "Wonderer" job name in stats window to "Arch Ranger".
  • Changed "Strike" name for accuracy in imbued stats to "Accuracy".
  • Fixed Inventory window closing and bugging out when Item Mall Warehouse window was closed.
  • Fixed Guild Warehouse, all items can now be withdrawn without a problem.
  • Fixed Controls window missing on grey interface.
  • Added controls button to exit menu to help newcomers to the game.
  • Fixed [Physical Critical Rate] not displaying properly when it was negative.
  • Updated Character Info interface window:
    • [Physical Critical Rate] is now displayed in percentage.
    • [Movement Speed] is now visible. 100% equals base speed without items or buffs.
    • New Physical/Magical stats tabs.
    • [Block Rate] is now visible. (Some buffs/passives that say they add [Block Rate] in their tooltip actually add [Shield Defense] instead, tooltips for these were fixed.)
    • [HP Recovery] is now visible.
    • [MP Recovery] is now visible.
    • [Magical Critical Rate] is now visible.
    • [Magical Cast Speed] is now visible. 100% is base speed, above 100% is faster, under 100% is slower.
  • Updated Crafting interface window:
    • Search of items is now possible by: keyword, category and level.
    • Result sorting is alphabetical or by level and alphabetical (item level, not recipe level)
    • Items that were recipe starters can be dragged into the crafting window to show what can be crafted with them.
  • Increased chat tips time interval.


  • Fixed [Drop Rate] and [Exp Rate] attributes from passive type skills.
  • Fixed 1-h skill weapon type check.
  • Fixed [Earthquake] after level 20 to not require target to cast.
  • Fixed [Iron Night] to have AoE damage.
  • Changed [Path of the Panzer] Lv1 from 30 Physical Critical Rate to 50.
  • Updated level 4 [Path of the Arch Ranger] to also give the previous levels' critical rate
    • [Path of the Arch Ranger] Lv4 = HP +15% Crit Dmg +5% HP +15% Crit Dmg +5% Crit Rate +70
  • Updated level 4 [Path of the Cardinal] to also give the previous levels' maximum mana
    • [Path of the Cardinal] Lv4 = MP Rec +20 P. Def +11% MP Rec +20 P. Def +11% MP +15%
  • Changed [Sword Storm] to require 1-handed weapons only.
  • Changed [Dual Weapon Mastery] (Blade Taker) name to [Dual Wield Expertise]
  • Fixed job passive mana recovery.
  • Changed [Ghost Break] health drain to a higher percent and added a visual effect to the victim.
    • [Ghost Break] Lv 1~10 = 1.5%(+ 0.5% per level) 2.5%(+ 2.5% per level)
  • Changed the following bow skills' range:
    • [Power Shot] Lv 1~10 = 18m 16m range
    • [Double Shot] Lv 20~25 = 18m 20m range
    • [Double Shot] Lv 26~30 = 18m 22m range
    • [Needle Shot] Lv 1~10 = 4m 12m range
    • [Piercing Arrow] Lv 11~30 = 4m 14m range
    • [Hamstring] Lv 11~20 = 16m 18m range
    • [Hamstring] Lv 21~30 = 16m 20m range
    • [Piercing Shot] Lv 1~5 = 13m 16m range
    • [Piercing Shot] Lv 6~10 = 13m 18m range
    • [Piercing Shot] Lv 11~30 = 13m 20m range
    • [Ice Rain] Lv 1~30 = 10m 10.5m (+ 0.5 per level, 24.5m at level 30) range
    • [Fire Arrow] Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range
    • [Rapid Arrow] Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range
    • [Magic Arrow] Lv 1~10 = 16m 20m range
    • [Smoldering Shot] Lv 1~10 = 10m 21m range
  • Changed the following gun skills' range:
    • [Proximity Fire](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 4m 10m range
    • [Snipe Shot](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 22m 25m range
    • [Wild Shot](sniper) Lv 26~30 = 16m 20m range
    • [Proximity Shot](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 3.5m 8m range
    • [Kneeling Shot](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range
    • [Standing Fire](panzer) Lv 1~30 = 18m 20m range
    • [Standing Shot](sniper) Lv 1~30 = 22m 23m range
  • Increased damage of panzer skills:
    • [Standing Fire] Lv1~10 = 289 (+ 6.3% per level) 360 (+ 3.6% per level)
    • [Kneeling Shot] Lv1~10 = 289 (+ 6.3% per level) 415 (+ 3.74% per level)
    • [Musket Proximity] Lv1~10 = 188 (+ 1% per level) 434 (+ 3.74% per level)
  • Added Accuracy/Evasion debuff to [Musket Blast](panzer)
  • Added stun to [Musket Proximity](panzer)
  • Since [Shield Training] actually increases shield defense and not block rate the amount of shield defense was changed from points to percentage for a bigger defense outcome.
  • Fixed [Back Break] damage type and adjusted damage:
    • [Back Break] Lv1~10 = 800 static damage (+ 50 per level) 650 (+ 3.9% per level)
  • Increased evasion from [Side Step]:
    • [Side Step] Lv1~4 = 2 (+ 1 per level)  3 (+ 2 per level)
    • [Side Step] Lv5~9 = 6 (+ 1 per level)  12 (+ 3 per level)
    • [Side Step] Lv10 = 12  30
  • Increased physical attack from [Bow Training] by 260%.
  • [Revive] can now only be used on party members, has no EXP penalty after level 5 and doesn't require a purified aquamarine until level 6.
  • [Revive] can now be used in Date Dungeons.


  • New currency item to exchange for gold for safe gold trade and storage added! Can be bought from [Mr. Gold] in [Nera Castle].
    • [Copper Doubloon] = 1,000,000,000 gold [1B gold]
    • [Silver Doubloon] = 10,000,000,000 gold [10B gold]
    • [Gold Doubloon] = 100,000,000,000 gold [100B gold]
  • Fixed dual wield while using [Reset Skill Scroll] bug.
  • Fixed percentage decimals on imbued stats (philosopher stones, amulets, highly concentrated stones).
  • Fixed human male [Puppy Mitts] model.
  • [Heart Stone of Evil] can now be enchanted and reinforced.
  • Increased crafted and green staves' magical/physical attack per enchant level:
    • Staves Lv35~60 = 2 per level 3 per level
    • Staves Lv65~90 = 2 per level 4 per level
    • Staves Lv95~125 = 2 per level 5 per level
    • Staves Lv130~150 = 2 per level 6 per level
  • Changed the colors of [Skirts of Feira] by popular demand.
  • [Heart Stone of Evil] INT bonus increased to +16.
  • Added stat buff scrolls.
  • Added Summoner Tomes + Souls.
    • Summoner Tome can be bought from Alice in Alker Harbor
    • Monster souls drop from all monsters.
    • You can only summon monsters in [The Dark Forest] and only outside of the safe zone (town).

Quests & NPCs:

  • Fixed thief job change quest name.
  • Fixed priest job change quest name.
  • Unlocked scout job to humans.


  • Unobtainable and deprecated recipes were disabled.
  • Next tier recipes are not available for preview until that level tier is added into the game.


  • Field boss type monsters and bosses above level 120 can no longer be stunned, silenced, slept, frozen or paralyzed. Allowing so defeats the purpose of a fight with the toughest monster on the map and increases player cooperation to bring them down.
  • Further balanced Sahel monsters.
    • Stat increase from level to level reduced, evasion/accuracy lowered.
    • Magical attack of magical monsters increased.
  • Implemented a 5.5% damage increase per level from monsters when a monster is 9 levels above the player. (Eg: if a monster is 15 levels above you they will deal 182% of the original damage)


  • Added a map for summoning, [The Dark Forest].
    • [The Dark Forest] does not have any monsters and has an Alker Harbor portal in town.
  • [Oasis of Parasus] is now open! Monster level: 125-130.
  • Fixed [Ruins of Draconian] gate image in [Alker Harbor].


  • Disabled PK looting completely, PK level bug abusing is no longer possible.
  • Fixed Nera Harbor/Sahel portals.
  • Fixed character animation for run/walk when wing item is hidden.
  • Removed AutoNote button.


  • Summer Solstice is enabled!
  • New accessory [Rover's Eyepatch] that can drop from all summer event pirates.
  • New equipment [Redbeard's Rapier], [Black Pearl's Wheel]; sword and shield that can drop from Captain Redbeard.
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