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Patch Notes [July 12th 2019]


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  • Changed default Cute Bikini costume to look the same on both races.
  • Changed default Surfer Boy costume to look the same on both races and updated texture with higher quality.
  • Updated texture with higher quality on Speed-e Swimsuit.
  • Changed Affectionate Guardian's Amulet effect to give 2~10 VIT or 2~10 WIS.
  • Changed Wise Philosopher's Amulet effect to give 2~10 INT or 1%~5% Mag. ATK.
  • Changed Charging Berserker's Amulet effect to give 2~10 STR or 1%~3% Phys. ATK.
  • Updated head accessory signs texture.
  • Updated the remaining Gem Store flower trinkets to the correct stats.
  • Fixed many head items not showing through costume head pieces.
  • Fixed Beach Beauty head piece, winter earmuffs showing head items through them.
  • Lowered negative stats on Ice Queen's Staff from -15 VIT to -10 VIT.
  • Fixed stats on Champion Street Fighter gloves & shoes.
  • Fixed wrong category of material items in crafting interface.
  • Changed Heavenly Archangel Wings speed from 32% to 35%.
  • Changed Earthen Archangel Wings physical defense from 2% to 3%.


  • Adjusted size of Aori, Haruna, Ruri pets.


  • Summer Solstice now active!
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