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Farm Entrapper

Zeiah Claire

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+12ak 14eva

gardener set 14 eva each

2x hathor 12-14 eva each

2x earing of patience 19.5pa

Cape that gives +5eva (no lvl restriction) crit 90+

kynee = 20str[p] 35dex[r]

aias shield / aenaea (+15str +10dex)

crit slime

+5str glasses

FDS 19.6 PA

Chivalry or Hercules 19.6 PA

nostrum PA/MS (consumables)



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Bow Entrapper for farming Sahel Blackhorns (Dino)

Note: Prices will vary according to supply/demand and inflation

Head Acc.           : Crit Slime = ~5b/Dumpling = ~65b
Eye Costume      : VIP eye 30d = ~300m/STR Glasses Perma = ~2.5b
Helmet                : M.cap eva 15+ = ~3b
Necklace             : V.neck eva 15+ = ~15b
Armor                  : L.Armor +48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b
Glove                  : V.Glove eva15+ = ~15b (Note: Or V.set eva 30 = ~30b)
Weapon             : EG+12 eva 15+ = ~13b
Belt                    : FDS/SDS pa 19.5+ = ~23-30b
Shield                : none (Since using a bow)
Trinklet               : NPC Cindamook Trinklet which we get for level 105 job change
Boots                 : L.Boots 48-50 str/dex eva 15+ = ~10-15b
Back Acc.           : Wind Stalker Hide (WSH) clean/p.a/crit = ~5b for clean, prices may vary for different crit/p,a philo
Rings                 : Hathors/Sekhmets eva 15+
= ~5b each
Earings              : Gemini Castor set eva 9+ = ~20b or Earings/Hegemonic Rainbow eva 15+ = ~4b for earings/~15-20b for Hege
Head Costume   : VIP Hat = ~1-1.5b / Bache p.a = ~15b

Armor Costume  : Black Widow Leader = ~16b
Glove Costume  : VIP Glove = ~100b/ STR Gloves = ~2.5b
Boots Costume   : VIP Boots = ~30b/ P.boots = ~5-6b

Note: You need only 2 pieces of VIP set, as it is just for the MS 2/6 set effect, so any combination works, you can take which ever combination that suits you the best
Note: The Required eva for farming dino is 390, so if you have excess eva at the level of farming (or boosting) you can trade that eva for more STR/P.A
Note: MS is as important as eva/p.a for farming


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