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Snack Time Gacha


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A new gacha is here! Filled with delicious and fun face accessories for all~

Snack Time Gacha will contain one of the following items:


foodgacha_bone.png  foodgacha_fish.png  foodgacha_carrot.png


foodgacha_cookie.png  foodgacha_corndog.png  foodgacha_ham.png


foodgacha_leek.png  foodgacha_sushi.png  foodgacha_watermelon.png


foodgacha_toast1.png  foodgacha_toast2.png  foodgacha_toast3.png


foodgacha_choco2.png  foodgacha_choco1.png  foodgacha_pizza.png


foodgacha_strawberry1.png  foodgacha_strawberry2.png  foodgacha_strawberry3.png


foodgacha_donut1.png  foodgacha_donut2.png  foodgacha_donut3.png


foodgacha_gum1.png  foodgacha_gum2.png


Good luck in your favorite snack hunt!

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