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Welcome to the server! Make sure to stop by Discord to ask any questions you have.


Some things to know for newcomers:

  • You get 10 date dungeons a day, not gender locked.
  • You can buy potions and other consumables and low level crafting items from Alice in Alker Harbor next to Tasartia.
  • Job change is instant and doesn't require any items or steps, you can check your job tree on character info window. 
  • EXP rate is high and quest EXP is not affected by it, therefore simply farming monsters is way faster than doing quests.
  • Gem Store cosmetics are all permanent. https://celestialuna.com/itemshop/
  • You can only open a vending booth in Nera Castle (one channel map)
  • Make sure to read our terms of service! https://celestialuna.com/tos/
  • Events and promotions are announced mainly on our website, launcher, discord and sometimes in game.


Job change locations


Lucky boxes

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