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Patch Notes [September 26th 2021]


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  • [Tiny Crystal Stone] can now be reinforced and enchanted.
  • Changed name of [Alice/Mad Hatter] costume to [Magic Weavers]. Now only available through reward tickets.
  • [White/Pink Kitty Paw] now have 5 INT / 3 DEX effect as well.
  • [Lovely Guardian] now also gives +35 Move Speed.



  • Fixed Crusader missing racial buffs.
  • Changed racial buffs:
    • Burning Rage: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical attacking power at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second.
    • Lash: Gives [11/16//32/65/130] HP recovery rate per second at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second.
    • Nature's Shield: Gives [3/5/10/14/18%] physical and magical defense at the cost of [4/8/16/32/60] MP per second.
    • Nature's Mind: Gives [8/16/32/68/140] MP recovery rate per second at the cost of [3/6/12/24/40] HP per second.

Please note that magic defense % is not currently visible in the character window but does work. Next patch it will be visible in the character window.

In a future patch racial buffs will be given [Lv1] @ job Lv20, [Lv2] @ job Lv40, [Lv3] @ job Lv75, [Lv4] @ job Lv105 and [Lv5] @ job Lv135.



  • Caroline, Alice's sister now sells magical goods in Nera Castle.
  • Alvin and Carlo are permanent residents of Blue Land located in Alker Harbor and Nera Castle. They exchange reward tickets for goods.
  • Boucheron was moved closer Zank.



  • Summer Solstice is now over.
  • Anniversary Event starts on 9/26.


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