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Click Drag Items on Warehouse


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Hello everyone, I will just go to the point.

Luna Online has feature that we can Click Drag Items on our Inventory from Bag 1 to Bag 2,
by Click+Hold the item on Bag 1 and Drag the Mouse Point to Bag 2 so we can place the item on that Bag 2


So my Suggestion is, I hope someday we can do the same way on our Warehouse too,
For Example we can Click+Hold the item on Warehouse 1 and Drag the Mouse Point to Warehouse 2 and place the item on that Warehouse 2

And also, since the convert Coins on the NPC Nera is minimum 1B,
I want to Suggest that we can Safe Gold  on Warehouse for 999,999,999 as Maximum Limit than just Maximum 500m
(or at least... please make the new Coins that has Price 100m, hehehehe)
Because I found the problem that I want safe Gold 1.7B to Warehouse, I store 1 Coin 1B but how about the 700m? :?:


I hope this Suggestion is good, what do you think, everyone? :D

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