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Patch Notes [March 23rd 2023]


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  • Normalized volume of newer BGMs to match older ones.
  • Crafting stats and chances have been updated for a more balanced feel when leveling up and upgrading your equipment! These changes are extensive, if you wish to see them reveal the spoiler below.

Old items are not affected by this. Only items affected by this are the ones you craft from now on.

These images show how the game attributes craft stats when you craft equipment.


This image shows you how the game selects how many stats you will get for the level of the item you are acrafting:



This image shows you which stats the game will select based on these chances for each type of equipment:




    • Fixed set names for a couple of Parasus rare items.
    • More items added to costume rune: Lunar New Year (Gem), HiJi Style (Gem), Flora Festival (Gem), Wonderland, Redhood, Snowwhite, Twisted Wonderland, Twisted Redhood, Twisted Snowwhite, Magic Weavers (B) (Gem), Black Widow basic costumes (old Gem), Dark Summernight, Sakura Summernight.
    • Updated Raincoat costume body and head textures to better quality.
    • New Raincoat costume color available in the Gem Store.



    • Dark Shaman Akuma now spawns on all channels like a normal boss with a 2h cooldown.
    • Fixed multiple boss spawns in Nera Harbor.
    • Fixed boss respawn timers in Oasis of Parasus.
    • Added more monster spawns including Pegasus to Fairy Valley.



    • Flora Festival is back with a new weapon (2h Axe) to collect from Twisted Mirror Image!
      • This new weapon does not have an enchant shine at this time.
    • Updated Flower Tiara stats. [STR/DEX/INT = 10>15, Move Speed = 0>20]
    • All event equipment was slightly rebalanced, some items got slightly nerfed while others got buffed.
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