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Some of my Suggestions from Discord


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I will just co-pas some of Suggestions I wrote already from Discord to this topic as reminder... :D


1.) Can I request / suggest for Mana Storm to become free weapon requirement skill?
because I don't know the reason why we need using Sword only just for Increase Max MP? 
I mean...
Fast Reload is must Bow, because is increase Physical Attack Speed of Arrow's Attacks

Elastic Bow is must Bow, because is increase Arrow's Range Attack
Panzer Reloading is must Musket because Reloading Increase Physical Attack Speed and Musket Skill's fast Cooldown
and Sniper Scoop is must Musket because it can increase Musket Range Attack...
but what is Mana Storm connection with Sword??? I don't understand hehehehe... 


2.) Talk about Two-Handed Axe, may I suggest something? 
I remember there is 2 Two-Handed Axe both have same name "Ancient Axe"
first is Blue rarity Level 32, and the second is Red rarity Level 62 (both of them are from Lucky Box 77)
my suggestion is:
it is okay to change the name 1 of them?

example "Antique Axe" Level 32... or something like that? 


3.) Talk about Criticals, it is Destroyer's Buff Fatal Force is already fixed?
because I don't see the difference of my Critical Rates nor even my Critical Damages (on same monster)
my suggestion is:
it is okay? to make Fatal Force as Buff Critical Rates instead, but it's changed to become Self-Buff 

because Destroyer already have Critical Damages from Passive Rage Burst,
so I think is good idea to make Fatal Force effect to become increase Critical Rates


4.) Change / switch each other the names of the Class Mages
-change Grand Master (Level 105) to become "Elemental Master", because they are the real Master of Elemental Magics
-change Elemental Master (Elf only Level 75) to become "Rune Master", because is the name Elemental Master is mislead the newbe players
due the fact this Job Elf only Level 75 is actually support job and not have any Elemental Magic Skills either. (sad)

Also, is usually Job Elf only Level 75 have Rune on their name, example: Rune Knight (Fighter), and Rune Walker (Rogue)
-change the Rune Master (Elf only Level 105) to  become "Grand Sage".
Well the reason is easy, Grand Master's acronym is GM and that's breaking rule if we saying "I am GM" (hahaha)
so why we not change the name to "Grand Sage" instead?
Sage is Job Mage that is good on Supports too, right? :D


That's all of my Suggestion for now, thanks for the Admins making the Celestia Luna to become great Luna Online game... 'w' b

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