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Patch Notes [October 2nd 2023]


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  • Fixed Movement Speed effect on Holy Crusader's Robe set.
  • Rare Gacha wings that were missed in wing rebalancing last patch:
    • Royal Fey: Move Speed increased to 33%, Magic Attack increased to 3%.
    • Red Dragon: Move Speed increased to 33%.
    • Villain Heart: Move Speed increased to 33%.
    • Phoenix: Move Speed increased to 33%, Magic Attack increased to 3%.
  • Added enchant glow to Holy Crusader's Wand & Sacred Moon.



  • Balancing power surge of updated Musket Training:
    • Sniper & Panzer now can learn up to Lv 10 of Musket Training
    • SP cost for lv6-10 has been increased to match other training skills.
    • Gold cost for lv6-10 was reduced to match other training skills.
    • A level limit was added to learning the skills from 105 to 120 at level 10.
    • Buff power at level 10 is equal to the buff power the skill had at level 5 (70 Phys Attack).
    • Musket Training tooltip was fixed.


  • Added a new motion "~Tecktonik", celebrate our 13th anniversary with a new dance!



  • Fixed Baby Golem drop rate from Stone Golem.
  • Baby Golem/Lava Golem/Iron Golem Egg can also now drop from the DD version of each Golem.
  • Baby Harpy Egg can now also drop from DD versions of harpies.
  • Fixed Wand of Glory double drop bug for Stone Golem.
  • Blue Beard Captain now has a small chance to drop Rough Diamonds.



  • Summer Solstice & Multiverse Explorers is now over.
  • Bi-hourly event monster invasions are now live for Anniversary celebration. Monsters from past events will invade Dark Forest for 1h 45m every 2 hours on channel 1 with 2 bosses spawning after 1h 30m (only 15 minutes to kill them before they leave!), the event is picked at random.
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