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Patch Notes [December 10th 2023]


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  • "Magic Snake Oil", "Blooming Blossom" and "Magic Crayons" have become costume runes usable on all daily reward costumes! They can be used on the following costumes and cost 1 Gold Ticket each (unchanged). In addition the next daily reward track will have a glove costume rune.
    • White Tights & White Sneakers
      • All dyed color tights from White Tights
    • Magic Weavers in Blue, Yellow & Pink.
    • Lamia
    • Sakura Kimono
    • Heartbreaker Pirate
    • (New) Winter Woes
  • These runes will give the same effects as they did before, but can be used on all daily reward parts.
    • Hat Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack, Physic Defense
    • Outfit Rune: Physic Attack, Magic Attack
    • Shoe Rune: Speed
    • (New) Glove Rune: Attack Speed, Magic Cast Speed



  • Hallows' Eve & Day of the Dead decorations and invaders have now departed.
  • Winter Tide is back until January 20th!
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