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Patch Notes [February 11th 2024]


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  • A balance pass was done on event weapons. Unique (red) weapons now have a unique set effect bonus.
    • All weapons now have stat rules that will be followed for all new event weapons.
      • Lv 100 1h weapon = 20 max stats, 2h weapon = 30 max stats
      • Lv105 1h weapon = 25 max stats, 2h weapon = 35 max stats
      • Lv110 1h weapon = 30 max stats, 2h weapon = 40 max stats
      • Lv115 Unique 1h weapon = 35 max stats, 2h weapon = 45 max stats
      • PAtk and Matk is set based on default weapons with bonus based on rarity.
  • Arkadia's Staff was fixed with its intended +10 INT.
  • [New] Pink Bear Costume was added!



  •  Lunar New Year is here!
    • Lucky Dumpling spawn and cooldown was adjusted to be more random.
    • [New] 2 more monsters were added to the event roster.
    • [New] New weapons to collect have been added to all event monsters.
      • [New] Emperor's Defender, a unique 2h Axe evolved from a lower level event weapon can be crafted,  with a recipe similar to Yule Moon.
    • [New] Royal Phoenix pet can now be obtained from lucky envelopes.
    • [New] A new type of box was added to LNY monster drops with a chance to drop 2 unique items, will you be lucky?
      • [New] Weifeng pet, a wind spirit to help you in your battles~
      • [New] A  Heirlooms Set addition is here, a second option for necklace with physic and magic critical stats!
    • [New] Festive Dragon Dancers can be found in town during the event period~



  • The debuff applied by Maggots and Ancestral Spirits was changed to -25% movement speed and -55% physical critical damage instead of physical critical damage and physical critical chance.
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