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Patch 1.8 Test Cycle

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Testing Cycle FAQ


In this thread you will find patch notes for all the updates we're testing in this cycle.


Testing cycle duration: 2-4 weeks.



Client & Graphics

  • Client options (in launcher) were expanded:
    • Borderless Fullscreen is now an option.
    • A new option was added, "Texture Quality", which lets you set texture filtering between linear and anisotropic, allowing players with stronger PCs to escape blurry textures.
  • Various interface windows now save their position whenever you change maps or log out. This feature is usable across multiple resolutions.
    • Skill bar, target window & pet window now save their positions.
    • Be warned that having multiple clients open will overwrite any patcher options you've set for another client by the already open clients.
  • A new login screen was added!
  • A texture pass was added to fix anti-aliasing and blurring of 2D UI elements.
  • A texture pass was added to remediate invisible pixels in transparent textures. At this stage not all models with transparent textures were adjusted to this new pass but will be slowly rolled out.
    • While stealthed some transparent textures may not render, this does not need to be reported.
  • Fixed crashing from clicking a target that no longer exists.
  • Fixed crashing from leveling up near a fishing spot.
  • Improved word wrapping in tooltip, chat bubble, NPC dialogues.
  • Character facing angle is now properly loaded when entering a new map.


  • New eye colors and faces were added!
    • A total of 62 faces can be used on creation.
    • Closed Eyes face was added to all races/sexes as a free creation choice.
    • 2-3 new faces for all races/sexes were added to premium creation choices to round up an equal amount of options for all races/sexes.
    • The beta test did not update existing character faces, you may see your character with a different face, this will be applied before the update to the live game.


  • Pets will no longer lose happiness while over 90% health and out of combat. You can now safely AFK with your pet out!
  • Improved pet AI.



  • Monster meter was limited to only count monsters that are +-15 levels of the player's current level.
  • Critical rate number was fixed to show the maximum limit and not go over 95%. (Critical Rate cap is 95%, even if it said 150% before)


  • 2 new PvP maps were added: Celestial Battlegrounds (Night) & (Day)
    • Day version is limited and disables edit stats.
    • Night version is unlimited.
    • These maps have a "safe zone" feature that blocks you from attacking enemies while in it. Allowing you to take a moment to rejoin the fight.
    • Farouk awaits at each safe zone to instantly warp you to 1 of 4 locations so you can tackle the fight from different directions.
  • A new item stat limit was added called "No-edit" as a map option that disables edit stats on edited items (craft stat).
    • This map limit is only applied to Celestial Battlegrounds (Day).
    • The formula will limit items to their maximum craft stat if there is one. Items that cannot be crafted will always have 0 craft stats.
    • The formula will pick only the highest stat or none and prioritizes craft stats in this order: STR > INT > DEX > VIT > WIS
  • A new target filtering system was added:
    • This system applies everywhere outside of towns (Alker Harbor, Nera Castle).
    • You can no longer heal or buff enemies, or their pets, even if they are in your party.
    • You, or your pets, can no longer heal or buff players if you or your target are part of a guild war and are not on the same team.
    • A team is compromised of players in the same guild or alliance.
    • We hope these limits force guild wars to end in a timely manner and not stretch for too long, while also disabling players from griefing and giving assistance to players in a war without any danger to themselves.
  • Using a skill while the map move dialog is open will now close it.
  • Being in combat with map move dialog open and trying to move maps will return an error.



  • Behind-the-scenes, deep technical updates, fixes & improvements were applied. 
  • While these patch notes may seem short please keep in mind that we cannot write every single technical fix/improvement here.


We request that you report any strange behavior in this testing cycle that does not happen in the current live game.


If you find any bugs from the updates above or strange new behavior please reply here and give as much detail as possible!

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Test Cycle Information

  • This test is open to everybody and is on a separate test server that does not affect the live server. You may log in with the same ID/PW to the test server.
  • It is recommended to install in the default location, you may install elsewhere but avoid installing in Program Files.
  • You will have to allow the installer through the windows security window and you may need to add an exception to the game folder in your antivirus settings.
  • Changing between resolutions while a client is already open will not save the new settings for the next client you open. This is not a bug.
  • As stated above you will see your characters with faces you didn't select, we didn't update existing character faces for the beta, they will be updated with the patch to the live game.
  • After the test is done the installation will be useless, you may delete it freely.
  • Breaking ToS while in the test server will land your main accounts in trouble, be respectful of others.
  • Old bugs that were not part of this update that are still there do not need to be reported, while new bugs that did not happen before should be reported.
  • There are no rewards for participating in a test cycle unless stated otherwise.
  • We will not be taking suggestions for this test cycle, only major bug reports, our goal is to get this cycle properly tested and ready for release.
  • This patch only includes the base game and new PvP maps and does not include all planned PvP content.


Thank you all for participating!


To play the beta you must download the installer herehttps://cdn.celestialuna.com/cl-setup-beta-1.8.0.exe

This installer is for a separate Test Server and is necessary to play test this patch.

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Reported Bugs:

  • Can't use beneficial skills on self while in duel
  • Weird unwalkable spot in Red(?) Castle
  • Buffs reset after warping sometimes (which causes your stats to calculate off wrong buffs)
  • Crit rate goes past 95% while under 100% in character stat window
  • Technical crash issue
  • For some new installations the skill bar doesn't render (to fix this change the game resolution or install in a different location)
  • Game Crashes when exchanging tickets with NPC
  • Learning New Skills doesn't apply equipment check



  • Disable PK in CBG maps
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Hi all! We have the next update ready for the test server, if there are no more major/game breaking bugs this will be our final test.


To play the beta server you must reinstall with this new installer: https://cdn.celestialuna.com/cl-setup-beta-1.8.0-p1.exe


Your old install will no longer work, you can Shift+Delete your old install or simply run the uninstaller in your game folder.


Fixed bugs:

  • You can now use any beneficial skills on yourself in duel
  • When warping buffs re-order but no longer have missing buffs.
  • A crash related to skills was fixed.
  • Quests that do not have tip text (tracking side bar) no longer crash you when completing or accepting them.
  • The game/server will now properly check if a passive can be active after learning it.
  • You must now remove all weapons/shields to use re-skill.
  • Crit rate showing the 95% cap was too confusing, we left it for a future update and fixed the text to show 100% max.
  • Warp scrolls used in the same map now show the correct stack size after use.


  • We have disabled PK in CBG maps and it will stay that way through the update.



  • We are enabling the same proxies we use live for the test server to mitigate lag.
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A tiny patch went out to the beta test installer that fixes crashing from party buffs.


Just run your launcher to download the fix ._<

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