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  1. Pinoy Attendance

    Present HAPPY HOLIDAYS mga pinoys Laro muna ulet DEC.31.2017 TazmaNianDeviL
  2. Reset

    sorry i know this has bee asked a few times. i tried looking for it as well hahaha Q> what time (server time) does the joining of another guid resets? also for the Date dungeon.. thanks in advance..
  3. INT affects success rate for crafting & reinforcing

    then can we like ask the Gms to check their account?
  4. Taz


    IGN:   DeViLTaz


  5. INT affects success rate for crafting & reinforcing

    is that a fact? that you actually know those 3 mages? are they still active then? just curious though .,
  6. INT affects success rate for crafting & reinforcing

    it would be nice if having soo much INT would give you 30+ INt philo on everything ur philoing hahaha..
  7. Spammer's Official Thread

    ohhh i see. too bad ill just wait for some topic that i can relate too hahaha.. anyways tnx for the info, god ur an active admin. i frequently see u helping other players. good job madam. or is it sir.?
  8. Spammer's Official Thread

    didnt know that i need 250 blah blah post to change my display name hahaha., need 219 more crappp >.<
  9. Spammer's Official Thread

    spam spam.. bored since everyone are in serious mode hahaha
  10. zup!!

    Hey Kids hahaha. idk i feel old since its been years since i last played. im on vacation right now. so im going back after downloading it again. see u all soon in the game!! TAZMANIANDEVIL JUST CALL ME TAZ :)
  11. Skill Calculator

    can somebody give me a link for the skill calculator?? i know i found that somewhere but i just cant remember it.. already tried looking in to some topics. tnx in advance:)
  12. Pinoy Attendance

    lht ng may taz haha xD DevilTaz ata un gamit ko ngaun.. 130+ po ako
  13. Pinoy Attendance

    balita d2 haha.. im on vacation.. laro ulet.. may kilala pb ako d2. :D
  14. pabati portion

    batiin nyo daw ako. wahahaha. dmi ko tawa. amf. R18
  15. pabati portion

    whoah. yow!! pbati sa mga ndi ko kila2 hahaha. mtgal nrn ndi nkkpglaro ^_____________^