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    Incia sesion en "Celestialuna.com" Y selecciona la opcion "Teleport" selecciona el personaje bugeado y muevelo a Alker
  2. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Playing with a little friend in Alker :D Another day on AH1
  3. Beta Testing Team Sign-ups

    IRC Name: Nutria Most used character name: Kouseii Spoken Languages: English / Spanish Age: 20 Time playing Luna Online: Started 4 years ago playing here (I havent played on official servers) Time playing Celestia Luna: 4 Years Have you been a beta tester before? Yes Why do you want to join the Beta Testing Team? I'd like to see what's coming and give some feedback about how it's going and i like to be looking for bugs and glitches in games in general.
  4. Hola!

    Hola! Simplemente me queria presentar :D Soy Sergio, de Uruguay. Tengo 20 años y paseo por Celestia luna hace un buen tiempo :D Ahora estoy volviendo desde la magica desaparicion de mis items y personajes u.u Si alguien quiere jugar es libre de agregarme! IGN: Nutria Saludos.- PD: Queria darle algo de vida al foro que tanto costo conseguir (cuando era mas activo no tenia este subforo :DD) ♥
  5. Nothing much to say .3.

  6. ~.:deflected:.~

    Can i Join? x3 I got hacked so i'm starting all over :D
  7. A Little Snail .3.

    I don't know i was bored and i just do this in Pixlr x3 lol Why you don't Try to do something random on it? It's easy .3.
  8. 3D Animation, My Creation....

    I Liked it :D Keep working :D
  9. YEY! I Have D.O. Snowball of Miracles in December! :D

  10. KPOP!? :o

    Shinhwa, Exo, Tvxq!, Super Junior, SHINee an F(x) .3. lel
  11. Show us your desktop. ~

    Let's Revive this Topic .3.
  12. Elder Scrolls Online [Console]

    31gb... 31gb Takes the Pc version of TES: online .3. xD
  13. Lets Play Together

    Me .3. Add me .3. Ryeowookie n_n
  14. Happy New Year! :D

  15. Merry Christmas ♥ Everyone♥

  16. Leveling Ryeowookie .3. ♥

  17. Post Your In-Game Characters!

    Don't forget... I love Doge too.
  18. Spanish Section

    I think the title says all. Why make this section? To have a place to communicate better between the Spanish people, we can help and inform each other for those who are not good at English. Just that, What you... Staff and Users thinks?
  19. In this topic i will show you how to use Antialiasing effect on Luna .3. Before I must say that my English is not the best... x3 Here you have the difference between AA OFF and ON. AA On: AA Off: Let's start .3. IMPORTANT: This may affect the performance of the game. It's Recommended have a good PC! .3. 1st... 2nd... 3rd... 4th: Important Step. 5th... And that's all after you save you can play the game. The text will be shown ugly xD but it's readable. If you want to turn it off. Open the program go to the Gaming Tab, 3D App Setting and Clic the "X" at the right of "LUNAClient.exe" as you can see in Step 5 image. For Those who have a Nvidia Geforce or Intel i'm working on guides for us .3. I hope you like this Guide! :D Have a Celestial day :D (?
  20. [Guide] Antialiasing On Lunaclient [Ati/amd Mode]

    Yeah, Me too.. i will be a DemoniacFormalCat (?